No Expectations, No Pressure

Practicing watercolor portraits
I’ve learned that creating regularly makes me happy and starting the day by painting sets a great tone for the day. Sometimes I need to create without worrying about the outcome. It’s not always relaxing to sit and create something that you plan on posting or selling.
Practicing watercolor portraits
Sometimes I pick something that’s a challenge for me, like painting the shadows and skin tones of a face in watercolor, and I just sit and paint and practice. I do this almost unintentionally to relieve myself of any pressure to perform. When there is no expectations there is no pressure.

Why do my self portraits look so much like my dad? 😂

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9 thoughts on “No Expectations, No Pressure

  1. Nice, Eileen! I like your thinking….and if you feel your self portraits have some kind of resemblance to your Dad, I say that’s a GOOD thing! Probably you are picking up on some subtle hereditary likeness in your features….. I would be much more concerned if you said “Why do I always end up looking like Elton John?” or something!!!! 🙂 Keep doing those self portraits…they’re super good for your artist’s brain!!

  2. Hi, I totally agree with you. And my resolution is also to learn sharing the “ugly works”, too – well, not every time, but sometimes. And it is so hard, but they are important too, as they are part of the learning process 🙂

    1. It is hard sometimes to share – but sometimes you realize you were being too hard on yourself and sometimes it’s freeing to share the not so great stuff too. It kind of motivates us to learn and practice in those challenging areas. I look forward to seeing your posts!

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