Painting potatoes and donuts

Today’s painting prompt is potatoes. My parents’ parents were born in Ireland, so my mom made a lot of potatoes when I was growing up. I hated them, but I think the only food I liked were sugar cereal and candy so that isn’t saying much. I used to hide my food at dinner toContinue reading “Painting potatoes and donuts”

The story behind a painting

I’m participating in World Watercolor Group’s November daily painting prompts. I worked in my sketchbook all through October for InkTober, so I thought the prompts would motivate me to continue. As I posted my “croissants” on November 1st, I thought about Charlie O’Shields’ (the founder of World Watercolor Group) posts. Charlie seems to always tell aContinue reading “The story behind a painting”

Paint Regularly

I’ve been missing watercolor lately. I’ve been busy doing other creative things: working in ink for InkTober, and playing around on the iPad with a stylus pen in Adobe Sketch and Adobe Draw. When I finally sat down with my paints the other day it wasn’t easy. But I’ve learned not to give up, and as I worked IContinue reading “Paint Regularly”

A new painting on an old watercolor wash

This morning I came across a couple of one color washes I painted a couple of years ago. The watercolor washes were backgrounds for a product photo shoot for a client’s Etsy page. I decided I would reuse the washes. I thought it would be interesting to use one as the background of a painting. I selected the yellowContinue reading “A new painting on an old watercolor wash”

Interview with Charlie O’Shields – Creator of Doodlewash and founder of World Watercolor Month and World Watercolor Group

I am so excited to turn the tables and interview Charlie O’Shields! Charlie has been featuring other watercolor artists from around the globe since he started painting and blogging. Charlie has built an amazing and supportive community of artists who love watercolor. Charlie O’Shields is the Creator of Doodlewash and founder of World Watercolor Month (July) and World Watercolor Group.Continue reading “Interview with Charlie O’Shields – Creator of Doodlewash and founder of World Watercolor Month and World Watercolor Group”

Finally a quiet house :)

The kids are back at school and the house is quiet. It’s the perfect time to get back to painting. Once I set up, I accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. I took a unfinished painting – a wash of colors – and added a lighthouse. And I started a painting ofContinue reading “Finally a quiet house :)”

“Paint quick and don’t overwork it” (note to self)

There is inspiration everywhere you look at the beach – the sand, sea, and sky. Lately I’ve been noticing the endless supply of figures – in all shapes and sizes. Occasionally I’ll pull out a small sketchbook, but usually I take photos to draw later. The female lifeguard caught my eye, because that was meContinue reading ““Paint quick and don’t overwork it” (note to self)”

Going with the flow

I ordered new watercolor pads in the 8″ x 8″ size I love. Somehow I ended up with 12″ x 12″. Of course I could return them, but I thought maybe I’d give it a try. Maybe I’m ready for a change? The 8″ x  8″ was starting to seem small and a bit restrictive.Continue reading “Going with the flow”

Painting the Beach

After painting a few flowers, I wanted a new subject. The beach is my favorite place. I’m always trying to paint it but struggle to really capture it – the shadows and waves in the water, the changing color of the sand. When I put too much detail in the water it just doesn’t lookContinue reading “Painting the Beach”