Let’s Paint Paris in Watercolor!

Let’s Paint Paris in Watercolor! Join me in February for The “Let’s Paint Paris in Watercolor” Email Series – an inspirational program for February 2020 (4 weeks) aimed at inspiring regular watercolor painting through virtual immersion into the city of Paris – the food, the architecture (no straight lines required), the Masters and more! AtContinue reading “Let’s Paint Paris in Watercolor!”

Make this the year your reach your goals and keep your resolutions!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday with family and friends! I’m excited for 2020 – for a year filled with creativity! The fresh start of the new year always leaves me energized. For several years, armed with a new sketchbook I swore this would be the year that creativity would become a regular partContinue reading “Make this the year your reach your goals and keep your resolutions!”

Creative Plans for 2020 – It’s My 6 Year Blog Anniversary!

I am definitely someone who has to keep their creative ideas reined in. I learned during the second year of My Creative Resolution, that trying new things is fun, but learning and progress with new mediums takes time and dedication. If you scatter your time and energy across many different things, you don’t significantly progressContinue reading “Creative Plans for 2020 – It’s My 6 Year Blog Anniversary!”

It’s hard to commit to a daily painting challenge

It’s hard to commit to a daily painting challenge but every time I do, and stick with it, I’m always happy with the results. The first few times I did my Christmas countdown (daily watercolor illustrations counting down to Christmas) I followed prompts. Last year and this year, I’ve allowed myself the freedom to paintContinue reading “It’s hard to commit to a daily painting challenge”

Gifts to Inspire Creativity

If you have creativity in your life – regular creativity – you already know what a gift it is. It’s a relaxing time, almost like meditation, and it can ease the anxiety associated with busy lives. What better gift this holiday season, than the gift of creativity? Here are a variety of gifts that willContinue reading “Gifts to Inspire Creativity”

How to Find your Creative Confidence – Studio 78 podcast episode

I’ve had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Nache’ Snow on the Studio 78 podcast! Visit Studio 78 Episode 98. HOW TO FIND YOUR CREATIVE CONFIDENCE to find out where to listen. Nache’ is a designer and maker and I’ve listened to her podcast – which highlights creative women and their side hustles –Continue reading “How to Find your Creative Confidence – Studio 78 podcast episode”

Take control of where you are headed in the new year and reach your goals!

Sometimes we coast through our days, time passes, and we find ourselves no closer to reaching our goals. This year be intentional, set a goal for the year, and focus on that one thing. Set yourself up for success by creating a plan. Write it down! What is your goal for the year? Be specific!Continue reading “Take control of where you are headed in the new year and reach your goals!”

My Creative Year(s) in Review

At the end of each year I try to reflect on my intentions for the year versus the reality. This exercise is important for me especially because I’m the type to reach a goal and then turn around and create new ones, without really recognizing my accomplishment. As I finish the sixth year of MyContinue reading “My Creative Year(s) in Review”

Turning 50 and Setting Goals

“I’m thankful for…” cards are available in my Etsy shop. A few years ago my friend was turning 50 and she made a list of life improvements and goals she wanted to reach/accomplish during her 50th year. It was a great list – a positive list – incorporate daily exercise, take a trip without theContinue reading “Turning 50 and Setting Goals”

I’m turning 50 and the kids are growing up

In 2020 I turn 50. It doesn’t bother me that much because I feel young, but it is strange. The biggest sign that I’m getting older is that we have one child away at college, another applying to colleges, and our “baby” started high school. As I enter this new phase I was happy toContinue reading “I’m turning 50 and the kids are growing up”