A New Year’s Resolution – Heading into Year 5!

It’s hard for me to believe that 4 years ago – at the start of 2014 – I made a New Year’s Resolution to be creative. Before that I was creative off and on, often while taking a class, but never consistently. I wanted to be creative on a regular basis and find what interestedContinue reading “A New Year’s Resolution – Heading into Year 5!”

My Creative Year in Review 2017

I am excited to look back on 2017 and equally excited to plan for 2018! This year has been a great one for me in terms of growth as an artist. I have continued in areas I’m interested in and explored new ones. Here are the details. Painting the ocean in watercolor – I startedContinue reading “My Creative Year in Review 2017”

Committed to painting. No excuses!

I could have written about how I couldn’t paint this morning during my “extra” hour because they were demo-ing my bathroom. But, I realized in the time it would take to lament about not being able to paint, I could sit down and paint tonight. So I did. I started two new paintings, which willContinue reading “Committed to painting. No excuses!”

Painting every morning – week 3

My back to school resolution of painting every morning during my “extra” hour is going great! I don’t always get to paint for the entire hour, as I sometimes have things to do before I leave the house, but I sit down Monday through Friday (and sometimes on the weekends too). I remember the adviceContinue reading “Painting every morning – week 3”

Back to Creativity

As much as I’m excited about the extra time I’ll have once the kids are back in school, I know how easy it is to put all the “have to’s” first and let creativity slide. If I’m being honest, time is not always the factor, sometimes it’s easier to knock an item off the to-doContinue reading “Back to Creativity”

First posts and first creative goals

Inspired by other bloggers I’m revisiting my earliest posts. My first post 12/30/13: Happy New Year! “This year I’m taking my New Year’s resolution to a new level. I’m holding myself accountable, by making a commitment to blog about my progress. In the past I’ve been great in the ideas department, not as good inContinue reading “First posts and first creative goals”

I Used to be a Quitter

I would start a creative project and if it didn’t immediately “work out” I would quit, thinking, “I can’t do this.” When I made my creative resolution 3 years ago, I suddenly felt more accountable. If I didn’t finish a project what would I write about? I began finishing the drawings and paintings I started.Continue reading “I Used to be a Quitter”

The power of creative prompts

Happy New Year! I took the last few days “off” from my daily drawing and painting, but I’m gearing up to spend every day in January painting the beach. I did spend a day or two getting a head start on this project. But there were more days where I thought about getting started butContinue reading “The power of creative prompts”

Lessons Learned on my Creative Journey

In the beginning, I paused every few months and wrote about what I’d learned so far about creating art, and about myself. Just 1 post shy of 300 posts I decided to reflect again. Here is what I’ve learned on my creative journey: There are ups and downs in a creative practice. Stick with it throughContinue reading “Lessons Learned on my Creative Journey”

Creativity breeds more creativity

I’m already noticing a difference in my level of creativity, just a week after restarting my creative habits. It’s amazing how sketching every morning – often for just 5 minutes – leads to more sketching and painting later in the day. As Maya Angelou said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, theContinue reading “Creativity breeds more creativity”