Three New Ocean Watercolor Paintings

September was especially beautiful at the beach this year. It stayed warm much longer than usual. The surf was often very rough because of the hurricanes brewing far from shore. Here are three watercolors I painted from photos taken last month. And I took a ton more photos to last me through the winter! TheseContinue reading “Three New Ocean Watercolor Paintings”

Surf Collection

Surf Camp is the third collection of watercolor paintings I’ve released as Limited Edition Giclee Art Prints in my online shop. While my previous paintings featured bright blue skies, for these two paintings I had the pleasure of painting dark cloudy skies.

All About Portraits

The fourth issue of my newsletter comes out tomorrow and it’s all about portraits. Sign up here so you don’t miss it! I started “My Creative Collection” to share all the things that inspire me, in hopes of inspiring you! It contains artists and makers, places, crafts and art mediums, tutorials, podcasts, interesting articles, and more. You can view pastContinue reading “All About Portraits”

Designing print patterns – one a month

I’ve challenged myself to design a pattern a month this year. Although I designed a few in 2016, I was not as motivated as in 2015 when I also did my “pattern a month” challenge. I enjoy seeing how my skill and style is developing and evolving. Many of my designs are available on Spoonflower as fabric,Continue reading “Designing print patterns – one a month”

7 tips to keep your New Year’s resolution

I came across a note I wrote six months into my 2014 resolution to “draw, paint, create.” I wrote simply “just pull out the paints.” I realize now, that keeping a resolution isn’t that simple. I’m celebrating the second year of keeping my creative resolution, and committing to a third. There are ups and downs to any…

Santa’s bag

Day 19 Christmas countdown. It’s so close! I want to scream, “SANTA!” like Buddy the Elf. If you haven’t seen “Elf” stop reading this post and immediately download it and watch it. It is hysterical. When I was little Christmas took forever to get here. As an adult it seems to come pretty quickly. MyContinue reading “Santa’s bag”


Day 12 of the Christmas countdown. I was wondering where the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe comes from and found this: “The plant’s association with romance dates back to ancient Norse mythology. By the 18th century, stealing a kiss beneath the mistletoe became a common practice among British servants and the tradition spread from there.Continue reading “Mistletoe”

Train Set under the Christmas Tree

Day 7 of the Christmas countdown. The train under the Christmas tree has become a tradition in our house. We have two Lionel train sets, one that I gave my husband, when the kids were babies, and one that Grandpa gave the kids. The illustration above is based on a picture of my youngest when heContinue reading “Train Set under the Christmas Tree”