Paint a Turkey

How to paint a turkey

As I cleared the Halloween stuff off the mantle and setup up the Thanksgiving decorations I realized my selection was lacking. What to do? Grab a small canvas and paint a turkey of course!

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Looking to follow along? You can find a list of my paint colors below.

Watch the video here.

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Paint colors I used:

  • Tan – mixed from yellow and brown
  • Brown
  • Dark brown – mixed from brown and black
  • Black
  • Deep Red/Maroon – Alizarin Crimson or mix red with a little blue
  • Pink – mixed from white and deep red
  • Light blue – mixed from white, blue, and a little pink
  • White
  • Green – mixed from Phthalo Green and white

Filming Your Art Process

Filming Your Art Process #phone #stand
I’m really excited about the gift I recently received. It’s a stand to hold my phone above my work area so I can make a video of my painting process. The stand is called an Akron Kitchen Desk Table Stand.

Previously I would try to hold my phone or iPad in front of me so I could record a short snippet of my process. People seemed to like these videos and also like the posts where I showed the stages of a painting. Recording an entire painting from start to finish seemed like it would be interesting and helpful to share. And in timelapse you could see the entire process of a painting in a few minutes!

Click here to see one of my first videos with the new stand on Instagram. It’s where I add the foam of the ocean. What a difference from the starting point to the end!
Painting sea foam with white gouache #watercolor #ocean

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