NY Comic Con and meeting the creator of InkTober


My young son was thrilled to win tickets to Comic Con. So on Sunday we took the train into the city to check it out. The fun started on the train where we spotted people in costume. When we arrived, crowds of people were pouring into the Javits Center, many in costume. We walked the convention floor trying to take it all in. We attended a “panel” of the creators of Gravity Falls, of which my son is a huge fan. It was great! Very inspiring for a young creative.


Back on the floor of the convention, my son found a book he liked. As we purchased it the woman happened to mention that the Author/Illustrator was in the “Artist’s Alley,” if we wanted to get it signed.


“Artists Alley” was probably a half of a city block away (inside the Javits Center). It was a mini convention of artists. We walked around trying to find the author. (Above some spidermen in Artist’s Alley.)

We walked past Jake Parker’s table. Hmmm that name sounded familiar. He’s the creator of InkTober!! I went over and said hello. My son said I acted like a fan. Ha ha. Such a coincidence to run into someone who is inspiring my creativity this month.

Check out Jake Parker’s work! My son is a big fan of his graphic novels.