My Creative Resolution – Watercolor, Illustration, Print Pattern Design


The Blue Collection

The Blue Collection by Eileen McKenna | watercolor beach ocean landscapes available as limited edition giclee art prints
The Blue Collection is the first set of watercolor paintings I’m releasing as Limited Edition Giclee Art Prints. Click here to visit my online shop.

When I first showed the giclee printer my favorite watercolor paintings she sorted them and pointed out that in these four, the water is shades of blue, while in others it is green. I immediately saw it too, and so the Blue Collection was born. One of the things that amazes me about the ocean is that the water can be different colors on different days.

The paintings in the Blue Collection are (from left to right):

  • Waiting
  • Blue Wave #11
  • Side Surfer
  • Jetty

The Blue Collection is available as a Limited Edition Giclee Art Print in my online shop!


Limited Edition Giclee Art Prints will be available when my new online shop launches in 10 days!

Limited Edition Giclee Art Prints will be available when my new online shop launches in 10 days!
Very excited to announce that finally…Art Prints will be available when my new online shop launches in 10 days – on August 14th!

It has been exciting preparing for the launch. From choosing which pieces will be part of the first collection – I enlisted my family and neighbors to help pick! To working one on one with the Giclee Printer.

I love that I’ve chosen a printer nearby, so I can take the time to make sure the colors are perfect. The Giclee Prints are printed on watercolor paper and are such high quality I literally got confused as to which was the proof and which was the original. In offering prints, I can offer a variety of sizes to suit your space.

Stay tuned as I’ll be announcing the name and pieces of the first collection to launch August 14th! Sign up here to receive shop announcements.


A Collection of Paintings

Choosing paintings for art prints
I asked for help in deciding which paintings to make art prints of. I laid many of my beach landscapes on the table, numbered them, and asked my family and a close friend to pick their favorites. One painting, was clearly a favorite. There was overlap on a couple of others.

At the giclee printer, I laid out the top choices. The woman there – Nadia – showed me how four of the paintings worked together because the color of the ocean in them was blue, while three others were green.

Wow, as soon as she grouped them I saw them in a new light. That was it for me. First we would make prints of the “Blue Collection,” and hopefully soon after the “Green Collection.” Nadia also pointed out that instead of going by the color, you could also group by shape – the square paintings, and the horizontals. But for me, this color grouping was perfect.

Here is the Blue Collection.
Watercolor jetty. Beach painting. Painting waves/the ocean.    Watercolor beach painting Watercolor beach landscape by Eileen McKenna