17 blogs that enriched my Sunday morning.

I spent the morning drinking coffee and catching up with all of your blogs. It was a busy week and I was a bit behind. On Wednesday I went to Daily Show, with Jon Stewart, in NYC which was a real treat. On my walk from the subway, I snapped a few shots that I’d like to sketch.

But enough about me, back to this morning! As I scrolled through my WP reader, I was amazed with all the stuff I saw, learned, and was inspired by – all from the comfort of my bed. (I could lie and say the couch, but I’m being honest here.)

Since I had several days of posts to catch up on, it really hit me how incredible it is – all this stuff we share with each other, give each other access to. I get as much, if not more, from following all of you, and experiencing your blogs, than I do from creating my own blog. So, thank you!

Here are some blog highlights.

  • Artwork. I love seeing what everyone is working on – whether it is a similar medium to my own or something totally different. I love it. Check out The Sketchbook, Shari Blaukopf is so talented – those puddles are amazing! Createarteveryday is working in collage. I’d add that to my list…but my list is getting really long!
  • Photos. I love seeing pictures from all over – Margie, Late Bloomer Buds, sharing pictures of Lake Michigan, Nature has no boss sharing Yellowstone National Park, and the Russian artist.
  • Books. I’m adding to my list, “How to be Creative.” Thanks decorartuk!
  • Videos. Andrew Nixon’s Photo Blog shared Miss Aniela’s work process (photography and Photoshop). It is very cool. And this interview with Children’s author Roald Dahl that Oreos&spiltmilk shared was awesome. Dahl said “Keep your bottom on the chair” when talking about being stuck. I can relate, when I think of the ugly phase with watercolor!
  • Personal stories. May 13th‘s personal story, told through poetry is so moving.
  • Materials. Brad Young Art used tea in his painting. I’ve always wondered if that would work. Awesome!
  • Writing/Collaboration. Alisa, Sweet Afternoons, is adding words to her amazing illustrations! She is calling for collaboration. What a great idea! I’m excited because her illustrations have so much character, you want to know the story!
  • Healthy Eating, Fashion, and more. I can’t wait to go out and buy soba noodles after this post from A Style Study.
  • Apps. I loved Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday‘s illustration created with “Procreate” for the ipad. I can’t wait to download the app and try it.
  • Tools. dkatiepowellart reblogged Citizen Sketcher’s post about picking one brush if you were on a desert island. Thank you Katie for introducing me to Citizen Sketcher‘s blog!
  • Technique. Sandsaltmoon‘s jellybean post reminded me how leaving some whites is so important. I don’t do this enough!
  • Places to visit. K. Ryan Henisey posted about the Center for Contemporary Printmaking. I was surprised to see it’s in nearby Connecticut. Hmmm. Time for a roadtrip?

I couldn’t believe how motivated and inspired I felt this morning. And I hadn’t even gotten out of bed!