Painting Daily during the Holiday Season

Santa and Mrs. Claus illustration
It’s been over a week that I’m back to daily drawing and painting. I even have a reminder that pops up on my phone, “Did you draw today?”

It’s amazing how you can sit down to paint, without a thought of what you’ll paint, and ideas will start to come to you. Of course using google images for reference helps too! I love how the results of the day’s painting can be so unexpected.
Daily holiday illustration
It’s a relaxing time which I thoroughly enjoy – why had I let it get away from me? I have to try hard to keep up with it even beyond the holidays. To see my daily posts follow me on Instagram @eileenmckenna.

My previous Christmas Illustrations are available as holiday cards on And as digital downloads for your projects on

Back to Daily Creativity

Christmas illustrations | Reindeer art | holiday clip art available for digital download on Etsy
I had forgotten how good it feels to just sit and paint, no real thought about the outcome. Feeling free to explore ideas that come to me. It’s almost meditative. I was busy with other creative projects and frankly let procrastination get in the way. But now I’m committed to creating daily. I’ve enjoyed painting holiday illustrations the past few years. It’s a fun way to celebrate the Christmas season.

I’ve made my illustrations into holiday cards available on Zazzle:
Holiday cards on Zazzle | unique Christmas cards | Christmas art

And many of the illustrations are available for download in my Etsy shop for use in your creative projects.
Holiday Art | Christmas watercolor art Digital downloads Etsy