Watercolor for Beginners


Do it for the Process


Do it for the process. Creative meditation. #doitfortheprocess

I love the hashtag “#doitfortheprocess.” I don’t know who first used it, but the message behind it is an important one, especially for me.

Years ago when I took that first drawing class, I created a drawing of a bear that we were surprised looked somewhat realistic. It was a milestone for me. My husband wanted to frame it. I had to have it custom framed because it wasn’t a standard size. After that I tried to work within standard sizes because they’d be easier and much cheaper to frame. But, I became almost paralyzed to make a mark on a drawing because I might ruin a “framable” piece. By jumping ahead and assuming each piece was going in a frame, I put a lot of pressure on myself! When I realized the problem, I released myself and starting approaching each creative session as play. The sketchbook became important to me because it’s not usually for finished pieces.

Now that I started selling prints of my paintings, I sometimes feel that familiar pressure. I think, “I have to make this one good so I can add it to the shop.” Finishing a painting can be the most stressful part! I want to tweak it and make it “perfect” but I also don’t want to ruin it. “Do it for the process” has been running through my head a lot. I try to paint early in the morning, when the kids have just left for school. This time is meditative, relaxing. Especially now that I’m trying, again, to free myself from the pressure. Every painting doesn’t have to be sellable. It’s good to experiment and explore and push myself. It’s good to play.

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