To add ink or not to add ink? That is the question.

I have to admit, I sometimes don’t know the right answer to this question. Most often my style is to work in watercolor and add details in ink. But sometimes I hesitate to add the ink details. When I think about, the occasions where I question adding ink, are when I’ve added a lot ofContinue reading “To add ink or not to add ink? That is the question.”

Painting potatoes and donuts

Today’s painting prompt is potatoes. My parents’ parents were born in Ireland, so my mom made a lot of potatoes when I was growing up. I hated them, but I think the only food I liked were sugar cereal and candy so that isn’t saying much. I used to hide my food at dinner toContinue reading “Painting potatoes and donuts”

Having fun with watercolor in my sketchbook!

Day two and I’m really enjoying painting with watercolor in my sketchbook. This was my breakfast. This is what I WISH my breakfast was! And, I’m when I need to mix colors, I’m using a small piece of tinfoil, to keep my palette as clean as yesterday!