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50 Ideas for What to Draw or Paint

There have been times when I’ve sat with my sketchbook open and thought, “What should I draw?” In reality, there are so many things around to choose from! Many of these things don’t seem interesting at first, we hardly notice them, but they are great practice. Once you start drawing you’ll see the challenge in capturing their shapes, shadows, perspective, etc.

  1. Lamp
  2. Padded chair
  3. Pillow – capture all the creases and folds!
  4. Pattern on curtains, couch, or pillow
  5. Accessories
  6. End tables – some have such interesting bases
  7. The Living Room – Part or all
  8. Kitchen or dining room chairs
  9. Ceramics – statue or teapot
  10. Cups
  11. Utensils or cooking tools – that pasta thing!
  12. Light fixture
  13. Fruit – whole or sliced
  14. Vegetables
  15. Cleaning product – like a spray bottle
  16. Vacuum
  17. The kitchen – all or part
  18. Sink knobs and faucets
  19. Robe
  20. Shoes
  21. Handbags
  22. Jewelry
  23. Makeup
  24. Makeup table
  25. Bedroom – all or part
  26. Laundry – folded or messy, the basket too
  27. Backpacks
  28. Trophies
  29. Hats
  30. Sports equipment
  31. Stuffed Animals
  32. Kid’s/guest bedroom – all or part
  33. Bookcase
  34. Computer or laptop
  35. Charging area with phones
  36. Pile of mail
  37. Spice cabinet
  38. Pantry – inside and out
  39. Laundry Room
  40. People (take photos if they won’t sit still)
  41. Pets (take photos)
  42. Your neighbor’s house
  43. Your street
  44. Car
  45. Plants
  46. Trees
  47. Flowers
  48. Patio or deck with furniture
  49. Lawn mower
  50. Watering can

Once your eyes open to the everyday things, you’ll never again wonder for long “What to draw or paint?” I love drawing with a smooth Uniball Signo gel pen. It works great alone or when adding details after watercolor paint dries. My favorite sketchbook is the Canson Multimedia XL, because the pages are bright white and thicker to allow for painting without the pages buckling.

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