Too Many creative Ideas

Infinite amount of Ideas?

Eileen McKenna Art Journal starfish

Most creative people have an abundance of ideas. At least that’s how it is for me. It’s the follow through that can be a challenge. Here are my tips for weeding through your list and getting stuff done:

Write it down

Keep a list of your ideas. It feels good to empty your head and write everything down. You’ll be less likely to forget an idea this way. I take it a step further and on a daily basis I write, in a notebook, the status on what ideas I’m working on.

Reflect on your list

Every so often, go back over your list or notebook pages, so you know where you stand on your ideas. You may decide an idea is no longer interesting. That is ok! You might be reminded of an idea that you forgot about. It’s important to prioritize your list because you cannot follow through on everything. Trying to follow through on every idea is like taking a step in many directions. You will never get anywhere. Need help prioritizing your list? Read this post.

Follow through and finish

With a prioritized list, you can select ideas to follow through on. Once you’ve started on an idea, don’t abandon it! Even if the project is coming out crappy, I strongly suggest you finish it. There is a sense of accomplishment from finishing. If the idea didn’t work out, you have learned something for the next time a similar idea comes along. Finishing is addicting and motivating for the next idea on your list! 

Don’t fear the hard part

I was a “serial quitter” until starting my blog held me accountable. The first thing I did was finish a bunch of abandon projects – it felt so good! I also learned that the hard part is part of the creative process. Working through it is immensely satisfying.

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Sea Life Bedroom

Sea Life Bedroom | Kid Ocean Bedroom ideas fabrics color palette
When my son was small, he loved all the creatures in the sea. He carried around plastic whales, sharks, sea turtles and knew the names and types of all of them. The ocean is a wondrous place! I’m so pleased to announced my latest collection of fabric celebrating life in the sea. Have fun with the blue and turquoise palette I’ve created. Mix and match the fabrics. Add a sprinkling of the coral and mustard accent colors as desired. Enjoy picking out ocean inspired accessories to add to your room.

Large Jellyfish fabric | sea life bedroom ideas Sea Turtle turquoise fabric | ocean bedroom ideas
The Sea Life fabric can be ordered from my Spoonflower shop.

Sea turtle bedding by Eileen McKenna
Want ready made – order bedding, window panels, and more? Order from Roostery. Wallpaper is available too!

Shart art print | sea life decor ocean decor
Add sea life art to your child’s walls. This shark print is a available for download in my Etsy shop. Download and print at home, or send to a local or online print shop.

Look at some of the fun sea life accessories I found on Amazon. Click the image to learn more.

I’d love to see your room design! Tag me on Instagram @eileenmckenna.

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