How to Find your Creative Confidence – Studio 78 podcast episode

I’ve had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Nache’ Snow on the Studio 78 podcast!

How to find your Creative Confidence episode 98 of the Studio 78 podcast
Visit Studio 78 Episode 98. HOW TO FIND YOUR CREATIVE CONFIDENCE to find out where to listen.

Nache’ is a designer and maker and I’ve listened to her podcast – which highlights creative women and their side hustles – for years! Talking with her was so much fun! In Nache’s words,

“Eileen never gave up on her dream of being creative. In this episode, she explains how creating an art blog helped her gained the confidence to get back into painting and inspire others. She also walks us through how and why she built-out courses after a tutorial went viral on Pinterest, her process for developing a creativity book, and why she continues to create simple tutorials for those getting started.”

I hope you’ll listen! Studio 78 Episode 98. HOW TO FIND YOUR CREATIVE CONFIDENCE

Photo by Dawn Herlihy Reilly.

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