Acrylic Seascape Details

I brought this painting back to life today. Here’s how it looked this morning. 👇 I was going for a simpler look, but it was falling flat. Adding details, using a reference photo made all the difference. Details I added: Clouds in the sky – I used an acrylic gel medium to thin out theContinue reading “Acrylic Seascape Details”

Two paintings of the same subject

I often start and work on more than one painting at a time. It’s nice to have another painting to grab when you’ve reached the point with a painting where the newest layer needs to dry. Sometimes I work on more than one painting from the same reference photo. I’m not trying to create duplicateContinue reading “Two paintings of the same subject”

Taking a step back

I like to prop a painting up on the mantle, step back, and look at it from different angles. After working up close it’s a good way to see if it is done. And there’s my tree in the mirror! 🎄 Stages: Have you visited my online shop? Prints of my seascapes are available onContinue reading “Taking a step back”

Painting the Ocean with White Gouache

As I wrote about in my last post, I began painting the ocean in January. As is customary with watercolor, I was leaving the white of the paper bare for the white areas of my painting or I would remove paint with a damp brush or blot with a towel. This preplanning of what areasContinue reading “Painting the Ocean with White Gouache”

My 11 month long project – Painting the Ocean

After participating in three separate month long challenges in 2016, I saw how focusing on a single theme or medium can lead to real progress in ideas or skills or both. So when I completed the last challenge I decided to focus January (2017) on figuring out how to paint the ocean. I often wondered,Continue reading “My 11 month long project – Painting the Ocean”

It starts with mixing colors

After I use painter’s tape to mark the horizon, I mix the colors. I use a blue, this time Prussian Blue, and Cadmium Red and Cadmium Yellow. The color of the ocean, even in the same place, changes. So many things cause this including the weather, the light. It’s blue, it’s green, it’s brown, it’s grey.Continue reading “It starts with mixing colors”

A Cloudy Day at Surf Camp

The second day my son participated in surf camp was a cloudy day. When I saw my pictures I decided to try to paint the clouds, as many of my ocean paintings have clear blue skies. Close up of the sky: The start: Progress on the water: As much as I have developed a processContinue reading “A Cloudy Day at Surf Camp”

Painting the ocean

Living near the ocean, and loving it as I do, I’ve often tried to paint it. It’s not easy! There are so many shadows in the water even on the calmest days. I’ve created paintings where I’ve tried to paint each little shadow and they have looked stiff. Nothing like water. I’ve found that sometimesContinue reading “Painting the ocean”