The wonderful things I find while running

The weather has been so humid and hot! I haven’t felt like running, but I made myself go yesterday. Afterwards I was so glad I went. I felt great. I run because it makes me feel good, not just physically but mentally. It’s a break from life, where I can get lost in my thoughts or whatever audiobook or podcast I’m listening to. It motivates me.

Often I see things I would never notice if I was driving by. I’ll stop and take photos. Many of those photos become paintings. Here are a few:

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I was featured in a collage with other artists on Instagram

I follow nothingisordinary_ on Instagram. They are always posting beautiful images and encouraging people to use certain tags to be featured. When they recently asked for images within the theme “Pop of Orange” I had to tag my orange slices!

I was excited to have my image used along with three other artists in the collage you see above. I really like how the overall collage came out. You can visit the other artists on Instagram by following these links:

Top Left: @chelsealee
Bottom Left: @patriciaarts
Bottom Right: @rascalsnaps
Top Right: that’s me! @mycreativeresolution

If you don’t use Instagram it is amazing for creative people – for inspiration and sharing! I highly recommend it. Just scrolling through the feed inspires me! I post inspiration photos, art in progress, and final work almost daily. Please follow me. I’d love to have you!

BTW I just submited an image for today’s “Pop of Purple” I’ll keep you posted.

The Dogwoods are blooming!

After my run today I had to take some shots of the Dogwoods. The two Dogwoods, on either side of our front walk, have sentimental value to me. They were in bloom the first time we looked at our future home. We posed in front of one of the Dogwoods when we brought our daughter home from the hospital. The house itself has changed – expanded to fit our family that also includes two sons. But the Dogwoods have remained and every time they bloom, I’m reminded of the early days and that this is home.

17 blogs that enriched my Sunday morning.

I spent the morning drinking coffee and catching up with all of your blogs. It was a busy week and I was a bit behind. On Wednesday I went to Daily Show, with Jon Stewart, in NYC which was a real treat. On my walk from the subway, I snapped a few shots that I’d like to sketch.

But enough about me, back to this morning! As I scrolled through my WP reader, I was amazed with all the stuff I saw, learned, and was inspired by – all from the comfort of my bed. (I could lie and say the couch, but I’m being honest here.)

Since I had several days of posts to catch up on, it really hit me how incredible it is – all this stuff we share with each other, give each other access to. I get as much, if not more, from following all of you, and experiencing your blogs, than I do from creating my own blog. So, thank you!

Here are some blog highlights.

  • Artwork. I love seeing what everyone is working on – whether it is a similar medium to my own or something totally different. I love it. Check out The Sketchbook, Shari Blaukopf is so talented – those puddles are amazing! Createarteveryday is working in collage. I’d add that to my list…but my list is getting really long!
  • Photos. I love seeing pictures from all over – Margie, Late Bloomer Buds, sharing pictures of Lake Michigan, Nature has no boss sharing Yellowstone National Park, and the Russian artist.
  • Books. I’m adding to my list, “How to be Creative.” Thanks decorartuk!
  • Videos. Andrew Nixon’s Photo Blog shared Miss Aniela’s work process (photography and Photoshop). It is very cool. And this interview with Children’s author Roald Dahl that Oreos&spiltmilk shared was awesome. Dahl said “Keep your bottom on the chair” when talking about being stuck. I can relate, when I think of the ugly phase with watercolor!
  • Personal stories. May 13th‘s personal story, told through poetry is so moving.
  • Materials. Brad Young Art used tea in his painting. I’ve always wondered if that would work. Awesome!
  • Writing/Collaboration. Alisa, Sweet Afternoons, is adding words to her amazing illustrations! She is calling for collaboration. What a great idea! I’m excited because her illustrations have so much character, you want to know the story!
  • Healthy Eating, Fashion, and more. I can’t wait to go out and buy soba noodles after this post from A Style Study.
  • Apps. I loved Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday‘s illustration created with “Procreate” for the ipad. I can’t wait to download the app and try it.
  • Tools. dkatiepowellart reblogged Citizen Sketcher’s post about picking one brush if you were on a desert island. Thank you Katie for introducing me to Citizen Sketcher‘s blog!
  • Technique. Sandsaltmoon‘s jellybean post reminded me how leaving some whites is so important. I don’t do this enough!
  • Places to visit. K. Ryan Henisey posted about the Center for Contemporary Printmaking. I was surprised to see it’s in nearby Connecticut. Hmmm. Time for a roadtrip?

I couldn’t believe how motivated and inspired I felt this morning. And I hadn’t even gotten out of bed!


Where I’ve been inspired lately.

The beach on a snowy day. Long Island, New York. I’ve been sharing my “Where I’m inspired” photos on Instagram. Come visit me @mycreativeresolution

The Catskill Mountains, Upstate New York.
hunter hunter3 hunter2

Passing the Manhattan Skyline on a beautiful day.

The Winter sky. Bare trees up against so much color. It’s so pretty! (This picture doesn’t do it justice.) I’m working on a painting inspired by this.wintersky