The wonderful things I find while running

The weather has been so humid and hot! I haven’t felt like running, but I made myself go yesterday. Afterwards I was so glad I went. I felt great. I run because it makes me feel good, not just physically but mentally. It’s a break from life, where I can get lost in my thoughts or whatever audiobookContinue reading “The wonderful things I find while running”

I was featured in a collage with other artists on Instagram

I follow nothingisordinary_ on Instagram. They are always posting beautiful images and encouraging people to use certain tags to be featured. When they recently asked for images within the theme “Pop of Orange” I had to tag my orange slices! I was excited to have my image used along with three other artists in the collageContinue reading “I was featured in a collage with other artists on Instagram”

Where I’ve been inspired lately.

The beach on a snowy day. Long Island, New York. I’ve been sharing my “Where I’m inspired” photos on Instagram. Come visit me @mycreativeresolution The Catskill Mountains, Upstate New York. Passing the Manhattan Skyline on a beautiful day. The Winter sky. Bare trees up against so much color. It’s so pretty! (This picture doesn’t do itContinue reading “Where I’ve been inspired lately.”