What is holding you back from creativity?

Sometimes the hardest part (of anything) is starting. So many things can hold you back – fear, uncertainty, a lack of confidence. It’s important to take stock of those things so they don’t slow you down. Since I was young I’ve loved art, but like many people, I got away from it. But the desireContinue reading “What is holding you back from creativity?”

Easy Starfish Watercolor Art Lesson for Beginners PDF Tutorial

The “Easy Starfish Watercolor Painting for Beginners Step by Step Printable PDF Project Instructions” is a fun project to help you learn watercolor. This two page pdf contains: Supply list Step by step instructions with color photos Techniques Taping your paper Wet on Wet painting Bleed and blend background Different ways to apply paint BuildingContinue reading “Easy Starfish Watercolor Art Lesson for Beginners PDF Tutorial”

What you need to know to get started with watercolor

Would you like to: Be creative on a regular basis and experience the joy that creativity brings? Explore mediums and subjects, in search of your thing? Learn about my new ebook Creative Exploration: A Six Week Process for Introducing Regular Creativity into your Life by clicking here. Watercolor is such a fun medium to workContinue reading “What you need to know to get started with watercolor”

Want to be Creative? Start here.

Want to be creative but don’t know how/where to start? Try these 3 steps! Open your eyes to inspiration – “stop and smell the roses.” Take off your blinders and notice things – The flowers on your walk, the fruit in the fridge, everyday objects. Ever look at how interesting the shape of scissors is?Continue reading “Want to be Creative? Start here.”