DIY Beach Wedding Table Numbers Centerpiece

DIY Beach Wedding Table Numbers Centerpiece | Beach Wedding Shell Driftwood Decorations
If your wedding has a beach theme or location, there are tons of ways you can DIY your centerpieces. Purchase glass containers from a dollar store and fill them with shells you’ve collected. Surround your jar of shells with starfish. Attach a table number card to a longer piece of flat driftwood – placed halfway into the jar. The acrylic seascape table card is available for download in my Etsy shop.

In a glass container:

  • shells
  • small pieces of driftwood
  • beach glass
  • a mixture of all three

Around the container:

  • starfish
  • medium sized pieces of driftwood
  • candles
  • all three

Most items you can collect on your trips to the beach, or you can easily find online or at your local craft stores.

Browse my Etsy shop for a selection of downloadable art for your wedding table cards.