my creative resolution

Hoping to draw, paint and create my way through 2014!


Working with outtakes

The other day, when I was painting sunflowers, I started several versions before selecting one to work on in more detail. Today I decided to see what I could do with two of these “outtakes.” I used an ink pen and started scribbling away.

The first outtake immediately reminded me of a feather (when the sunflower’s center flowed all over the paper). So I added ink and made it a feather.

Outtake #1:

The second outtake, looked like a bunch of sunflowers, so I added ink to make it look more finished. Lately I’ve been having fun playing with ink. In the past I shied away – thinking the outline had to be precise and perfect. Now I’m just scratching away, the way I would with a pencil. Is my style coming out?!

Outtake #2:


Painting Sunflowers

I wasn’t sure how to start my painting – detailed or loose? I tried different ways and moved forward with the more detailed one. [See the final painting here.] I took this photo at a farmers’ market.

Each time I added paint, I added more details to tighten it up. I wanted the center flower to be the focal point and the rest to blur away.
sunflower1 sunflower2 sunflowerfinal


Hand painted sign completed!

It feels good to follow through on an idea and finish! With the official end of summer a week away, I finished my “beach lover” sign just in time. I found some good advice on hand lettering (without the time intensive step of cutting out a custom stencil – which I tried for my “by the sea” painting). You do need to work in a well lit area to see the indent of the letters. I used a stylus pen from my kid’s old DS to create the imprint.
After I finished painting the letters and it was dry, I painted on white with a very dry brush to capture that beachy, weathered, distressed look. I’m pretty happy with the results. Now it’s time to do a version for Fall! I already have the background done. Click here to see how I painted both backgrounds.


A day on the couch feels good.

I was a little under the weather today and spent the day on the couch. I’m usually running around – between the kids, errands, and work. It’s not often that I just sit. Today I put my feet up, flipped through magazines and catalogs, found inspiration, drew in my sketchbook, and watched TV. It was great! Today recharged my battery. Just in time for the weekend. :)


I need to eat more veggies.

Lately I’ve been warming up by painting vegetables. I’m playing around with adding loose ink lines, like I did with the swim goggles. I had a fruit phase, now it’s veggies, probably because I need to eat more of them! I wish I could say I painted from actual vegetables, but I used photos I googled for reference. I’ve been working alphabetically, so next I’ll try cucumbers. Those I have on hand! I’m not committing to the whole alphabet, but it’s something to paint when I sit down and don’t know what to start with.

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Why this is exciting!

At least, exciting to me! I’m very interested in painting on wood, handmade signs, weathered wood, etc. I have wanted to work on a project like this since, well, since January when I last worked on one! It always feels good to follow through on ideas, regardless of how they turn out. For the longest time I thought, “I should get some wood and paint it.” I don’t know what held me back. But it was surprisingly easy to walk in to Ace, pick out wood, and ask them to cut it. And cheap! It’s a different quality that what you find in the art store, I’m sure, but it was so much cheaper.

I pulled out the hand sander, which makes me feel like a pro, and gave the wood a light sanding. Then I played with painting with acrylics, sometimes adding a lot of water.

wooda woodb wood woodc woodd
I’m inspired by the look of weathered wood. I’m happy with how they came out and plan on adding lettering to them soon. Promise! :)


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