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Hoping to draw, paint and create my way through 2014!

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Putting yourself out there

I started this blog anonymously to feel free and uninhibited. Now I’m ready to share who I am. In the beginning, I told only 3 people and worried what they’d think. My biggest fear was criticism. I think growing up as the “teased” little sister fostered this fear in me. And it has prevented me from pursuing art. Those nagging thoughts – What if I’m not any good? What if someone makes fun of me?

The book, “An Enemy Called Average,” by John Mason really resonated with me. Mason says – if you are going to put yourself out there, expect criticism. I found that very freeing. In the 9 months since I started my creative resolution, I’ve shared the good, the bad, and the ugly. There were times I wondered, “Should I really share this? It’s terrible.” And I shared it, because I want to be honest about my process of learning and striving to be better. I’m not trying to be someone I’m not. I’m just being me. :)


Painting without a plan

While I’m sad that vacation is over, it is nice to have some quiet time to paint. What amazes me about these three paintings, is that I had no preconceived ideas until I sat down to paint – I just went with it. All three were done yesterday and they are all so different!

The first one I painted was the flowers in the container. I looked around my patio and picked the container just as I started painting.

The second painting was the hearts. I started painting the background, decided to leave the dry areas dry and filled one of them with a heart. Then I started adding more hearts and the word love. It is my favorite of the day – and I have no idea where it came from!

The third painting is the watercolor background with the ink flowers. I decided as I was painting – to make a colorful background and add ink to it. As I chatted with an old friend on the phone – I added the flower doodles. I looked around my yard for inspiration.

I am excited for another quiet day and more painting!


Swim Team Cards

Summer swim team is coming to an end! I made these cards for the swim coaches. In the past, I would have never followed through on my idea. I lacked the confidence to show others my work. But now that I have shown you – the good, the bad and the ugly, I followed through with my idea and am happy to give these cards to the coaches.


Practicing Painting Lettering

I’ve been practicing! The other day I copied an alphabet from a book (2x). Today I wrote “hello” many times! It’s interesting what you learn by doing, especially when you keep repeating something.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Too much coffee makes my hand and my letters shaky
  • Light touch – thin line, more pressure – thicker line. I learned this from watching this video.
  • Painting downward is easier than upward
  • The brush needs to be wet enough. I re-dip before each letter.
  • Paint in sure strokes. I wish I could remember where I got this tip from. It is so true. When I hesitate it shows.

I practiced the alphabet below from the book, “Hand Lettering for crafts” by Sandra Salamony. The book was helpful because it showed what part of the letter to paint first and what direction to paint each part in.


Practicing Watercolor Portrait

Today I practiced painting a portrait. I think I am making some progress in adding in shadows without making the skin look blotchy. [Blur the edges!]

Beach girl is a character I have been trying to illustrate. She is inspired by my daughter (when she was younger). I’ve struggled with painting beach girl’s face. So, I selected a photo of my daughter to work from. I figure when I’ve mastered painting her face, I can then, work on a less detailed, more illustration style version. I am finally starting to capture some of the elements that resemble my daughter.

Here are some of my steps:
This one looks like an alien!
bgportrait2a bgportrait3


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