Appreciation Journal

Finding Joy Sketchbook Project by Eileen McKenna

I started a personal project that I’m calling “Finding Joy.” I wanted to look for and appreciate the little things in life and I wanted to get back to daily painting.

Since starting, I realized we have moments of joy during the day – “Wow that is pretty,” or “This is fun,” or “This tastes good.” But these moments can be fleeting. In painting them I’m extending the joy!

Finding Joy ~ Extending Joy

I started this project because I’m having skin cancer surgery on my cheek and I wanted to be in a place of positivity. It’s working!

Want to start your own Finding Joy project? It’s easy:

How to start your own “finding joy” Sketchbook project

  • Grab a sketchbook. I’m using a Strathmore Mixed Media Art Journal.
  • Look for and recognize a joyful moment each day.
  • Enter the joyful moment in your sketchbook every day. Use any medium you want. I’m using Watercolor!
  • Let me know if you decide to join in!

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Posts for Watercolor Beginners

I have a lot of helpful blog posts for beginners to help them get started including:

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The “Beginner Watercolor Exploration Guide” walks you through the fundamentals of watercolor with exercises and projects. Learn by doing. Discover a love of watercolor today –> Learn more here!

Beginner Watercolor Exploration Guide

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