The Cooper Hewitt Museum – my new favorite

We try to spend a day in “the city” (NYC) after Thanksgiving as our anniversary celebration. This year quite by accident, we spotted the Cooper Hewitt on the way to the Guggenheim, and added it to our itinerary. As soon as I walked in, I knew I would love it. One of the current exhibits is “How Posters Work,” and as a Graphic Designer I was really interested in this. I think the poster design concepts can also be applied to illustration.


Design concepts from the exhibit “How Posters Work”:

  • “Focus the eye
  • Overwhelm the eye
  • Use text as image
  • Overlap
  • Cut and paste
  • Assault the surface
  • Simplify
  • Tell a story
  • Amplify
  • Double the meaning”

Read more about the “How Posters Work” exhibit here.

Two of the other exhibits were equally interesting. One on Pixar and one on Architecture. The park design “under” the dessert, was mind blowing!

The Cooper Hewitt has these cool stylus pens that you use to flag anything you find interesting. Later on you can login to their site and see everything you flagged to learn more.

I’d never been to the Guggenheim before. The building is very cool. The current main exhibit is abstract art that explored working with different textures. I don’t really love abstract art. I did love the colors of the Kandinsky’s that I saw.
guggen guggen2

I like smaller museums because you can absorb more. To me, the larger museums are a bit overwhelming. Another small museum in Manhattan is the Neue Galerie. I highly recommend it. It’s in an old mansion like the Cooper Hewitt. We went a few years ago and saw Klimt’s “Woman in Gold.”

If you are coming to New York, plan on visiting one of these museums, and send me an email. I’ll meet you for a hot dawg. 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Cooper Hewitt Museum – my new favorite

  1. I haven’t been to the Cooper Hewitt since it re-opened but my daughter went with friends and loved the stylus pens. I’ll get there one of these days…too many choices, too little time!
    I’ve never liked the Guggenheim however. Yes it’s an interesting building, but no, not a good museum.
    If you like Asian Art, the Rubin is one of my favorites. Also a small museum, not overwhelming like the Met, and it’s never been too crowded no matter when I’ve gone. (K)

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