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Gardening Fabric Print


Sunday was so warm, we could almost imagine working in the garden. Which reminds me … I recently uploaded my “Love Gardening” print to Spoonflower. I love the little swatch I ordered! I’ve been pinning ideas for projects I could make with the print.Β See my Pinterest board here.

Since my sewing skills are nil, I really need to team up with a sewing blogger. It could be a mutually beneficial relationship – I’ll design the prints, and you sew them into something great! Let me know if anyone is interested, or knows someone. πŸ™‚

The “Love Gardening” print is available as fabric, gift wrap, and wallpaper! Click here to check it out.

Author: Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution}

Watercolor Artist, seascape painter, collector of creative inspiration. Sign up for my newsletter! Want to learn watercolor? Visit:

10 thoughts on “Gardening Fabric Print

  1. Hi there! Great work! You don’t have to be extremely high skilled to sew. All it takes is patience and practice πŸ˜‰ you could try a simple gardening apron! Cute for sure!

  2. Wow, so much fun, i love all of your patterns. Are you planning on selling your items? All of your patterns would be great as bags and pillows, etc.

  3. I think this would make great kitchen towels…(K)

  4. Cute design…gardening smock or apron would be sweet.

  5. Oh, what a perfect garden pattern! What a clever idea to turn your artwork into material that can be used in your sewing. It looks SO professional.

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