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Lisa Congdon book signing!

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Last week I took the train to the DUMBO section of Brooklyn, to hear Artist, Illustrator, Author Lisa Congdon speak about her latest book The Joy of Swimming. I have been following Lisa on Instagram for a while, have heard several podcast interviews with her, and really admire both her artwork and her story. Lisa is a self taught artist and didn’t begin creating art until she was 31. Of course the late blooming, self taught artist in me loves this! And as someone whose entire childhood was spent on a swim team, I also loved the subject of the book, which Lisa not only illustrated, but wrote. Lisa was a swimmer as a child and as an adult.

I was really excited to meet Lisa. She was so nice, real, and honest. I really enjoyed how her talk documented the process of making the book. Here is a link to a video interview where Lisa talks with Danny Gregory (author of Art Before Breakfast) about the book, her process, and more.

I took horrible pictures, that I won’t post because it would embarrass myself and possibly Lisa! But, as I ran for the subway after the event, I turned left and saw the most spectacular view, the Manhattan Bridge, the sun setting, and the Empire State Building lit up all in green!

Here are some other photos I took that day.
brooklynbridge2brooklynbridge lowermanhattan

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