Dreaming of Christmas gift wrap designs

Christmas gift wrap
Last year I achieved a personal goal of mine by designing holiday gift wrap. Through Spoonflower I was able to have the designs printed and also made available to anyone else who might be interested in purchasing them. It was really cool to wrap gifts for the kids and family in wrapping paper I designed! Some of my supportive family bought the gift wrap and I saw presents wrapped with them at two family parties!

The gift wrap at Spoonflower isn’t cheap, but the quality of the paper is beautiful! And it’s reusable for wrapping other gifts or for crafts. Spoonflower also prints on fabric (their main business). I wish I sewed so I could make Christmas pillows to decorate the house. Maybe some day.

toysoldiers2_5inchhigh nutcrackersrepeating

I’ve been going through the sketchbooks I filled last December for inspiration for a new holiday design. The elves caught my eye! They’ll probably make it into this year’s holiday gift wrap design.

7 thoughts on “Dreaming of Christmas gift wrap designs

  1. I think you could ask a family member who sews to make some cushions for you, yes?! You’re clever with these designs. I must admit the toy soldiers look great as a tight pattern.

  2. Your elves are cute!! And I love your other patterns too, Eileen! 💕💖 I keep telling myself that I need to check out Spoonflower. Are you happy with them?

      1. I saw in one of bookmaking books that quality fabric makes a great journal cover! Might be a great gift idea?! I was going to post something about it on my blog soon. ❤️

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