A trip to New Orleans

New Orleans sketchbook watercolor

There’s nothing like a vacation to recharge your batteries. We took a trip to New Orleans. I have always wanted to go but didn’t know what to expect.

Highlights included:

  • Delicious beniots
  • An adventurous swamp tour searching for alligators and enjoying the beauty of the swamp. Love that Spanish moss!
  • Delicious dinners of catfish, gumbo, lobster dumplings, biscuits and more. With sweet cocktails.
  • An Easter parade where they threw beads to all the onlookers. A taste of Marie Gras!
  • Street performers of all kinds – even writers for hire!
  • A walk along the Mississippi, where we saw a paddle boat
  • Visit to the WWII museum
  • A walking tour of the cemetery and garden district
  • A trolley ride
  • The French quarter – Beautiful wrought iron balconies, flowers, gas lamps, exposed brick
  • Brunch at the House of Blues

It was a great trip with the extended family!

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5 thoughts on “A trip to New Orleans

  1. NOLA is one of my favorite places ever to visit – the FOOD – OMG! Did you eat at Mother’s Restaurant? Get a mufaletta at the Italian Grocer? Drink a Hurricane at Pat OBrien’s? There is so much beauty to see in the Garden District and French Quarter and – oh I could go on and on. Hubby and I are not late night partiers, but I still feel there is so so much to enjoy about NOLA! Bourbon Street is fun for us before 9pm – LOL! 🙂

    1. I didn’t do any of those things! But a bunch of my family did make it to Pat O’Briens. And I had a Louisiana lemonade during the parade which was delicious. We had the younger kids in the group so we didn’t stay out late but I still felt there was plenty to enjoy and do! I’d love to go back.

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