Get back into a Creative Groove

Getting back into a creative groove
After a busy week I was so excited to get back into a creative groove. But sometimes it isn’t so easy to dive right in. I may think about it, write in my notebook about it, but still I can’t seem to get going. Thankfully, I’ve learned steps to overcome this.

How to get back into a creative groove:

  • Start working in a sketchbook everyday.
  • Don’t put pressure on yourself. Just play.
  • Work on whatever strikes your fancy. Limitations can be stifling.
  • When inspiration strikes go with it. Don’t wait. Don’t let it pass. Fan the flames of your creativity by going with that spark of an idea.

After a few days, you’ll start to build momentum. Your daily sketchbook work will lead to other ideas. Playing will lead to creating more finished pieces.

And don’t feel guilty because a break can be a good thing. A time to step back and reassess the type of projects you’ve been working on. But I don’t like to let a break go on too long, because it makes it harder for me to get back to it.

8 thoughts on “Get back into a Creative Groove

  1. Thanks for these words of wisdom, Eileen. I have had such a difficult time getting to my art this whole month so far – but not for the lack of trying. Sometimes life gets a bit too hectic, and I am looking forward to a slow down this week. I need some time to breathe, get my mind organized, and create, the lack of which makes me cranky! I am glad to know it happens to even the best and that I am in good company. 🎨

    1. Carol, everything you wrote rings true for me too – I get cranky or frustrated when too much time passes and I haven’t been creative. I was unrealistic thinking as soon as the craziness stopped, I could immediately start painting. As you wrote I needed to breathe, get organized and then slowing get back into it. 😀

  2. Sketching or painting every day is certainly important. I like the part: do not put pressure on yourself.
    I give so many classes that I have to paint every day: I need sample drawings, sketches and paintings. I intend to paint more my own stuff, classes can be really a total distraction because I have to put aside my personal intentions.
    Well, artistic lifestyle is great and being on the beach is excellent.
    My health doesn’t allow me much, but still: there is a backyard.
    It looks like you’re getting back into the daily painting habit.

  3. I don’t draw, but I keep a notebook to jot down ideas as they come up for my writing and my business. It’s definitely a great way to keep the creative juices flowing, or to keep them at bay when there’s no time, while reserving a way to tap into them later.

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