Ready for InkTober?!

Favorite sketchbook and gel pen for Intober | #intober2017

Participating in InkTober is such a motivating experience! I’ve even had the pleasure – by sheer coincidence – of meeting Jake Parker, the creator of InkTober at Comic Con in NYC.

I’m ready! I got a fresh new sketchbook – my favorite kind – the Canson Multimedia. Last year as the end of InkTober drew near, I began adding watercolor to my ink sketches. I couldn’t help it! The Canson sketchbook pages are nice and thick, making them perfect for watercolor. And they are bright white too, which I love. I also have a pack of my favorite pens – the Uniball signo (bold 207). This pen is a gel pen and feels very smooth when drawing with it.

I usually don’t follow the official prompts, but here are the Inktober prompts if you’d like to follow them.

My past Inktober sketches:

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You never know where a 31 day challenge will take you. I’ll probably draw several Halloween themed things because ’tis the season. One year I drew the inside of a witch’s house and then added another floor the next day! I came across Mab’s Drawlloween Club 2021 list, which you could use for inspiration.

I’m excited – I’m ready for Inktober! Are you?

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21 thoughts on “Ready for InkTober?!

      1. Prompts, yes. A long while back, I developed this habit, I call it forced creativity. 🙂
        So basically what I do is this, I take the word of wordpress daily prompt, one image and a quote and then merge all of them into one post. Hopefully this October I won’t scour the internet for images but rather add my own. I am honestly stocked, I Haven’t talked about inktober ever after that, I’ll write a post today.

  1. Hi Eileen I will be definitely participating again this year. Had a lot of fun last year did an ink portrait each day alternating from men and woman and ended with 7 classic monsters. It really sharped my portrait drawing skills.

  2. This is the first year I’m participating. I’m excited! I’m hoping to just see improvement, that’s really my goal 🙂 I love the idea of witchy/halloweeny vibes.

    1. Great! Agreed I can’t not be influenced by Halloween in October. You will see improvement! Last year I did InkTober and towards the end added watercolor. Then I followed World Watercolor group’s November prompts and then I did my own Christmas countdown. Each time I saw growth in that style and medium.

      1. I’ve never heard of world water colour group, but I’m definitely going to research them now! Keeping momentum sounds like a great idea, turn a short term goal into everyday habits 🙂

  3. I’m going to participate as well. I have to make the time best I can! I intend to use derwent inktense to add colour to my sketches will be too hard to resits the urge! I tried last year but I fell apart during the month. Gonna have another go to see if i could make it through this year!

  4. This is going to be my first time! And I am dreading it like hell. But also super super excited! I am not sure if I will (or rather can) follow the prompts but I too am planning to incorporate lettering which I recently started learning. It’s going to be fun.
    Also, really looking forward to see your Inktober sketches, Eileen. I am sure they will be great. 🙂

  5. Good luck with the Inktober2017! I participated in the 2016 event and found it to be a fantastic experience: Learned a lot!

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