Crown and Bunny Fabrics

Crown and Bunny fabricsHere are two new fabric designs – Purple Royal Crown and Easter Bunnies. Purple Royal Crown was designed using an illustration I created back when Prince William and Kate had their first baby. I was recently inspired to create the pattern after watching The Crown on Netflix. Awesome show! The Easter Bunnies fabric was also created from an illustration in my sketchbook. You can see my growing collection of fabrics in my Spoonflower shop.

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6 thoughts on “Crown and Bunny Fabrics

  1. Do you sell through them very often? I’ve considered it trying to figure out how to turn some of my art into fabric, but it seems like a difficult thing to get into.

    1. In all honesty it is slow going. It wasn’t until the last six months that two of my fabrics became noticed and start selling. These two show up on the first page on Spoonflower when you search relevant tags (i.e. swimming). I assume they are on the first page because they have been ordered, but maybe they’ve been ordered because they are on the first page. 😂 My advice would be to see if you have artwork within less saturated tags, because it’s easier to get noticed. Good luck!

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