My First Vendor Event

Selling art prints at a vendor fair
For the first time – tonight – I’ll be selling my paintings in person at a small vendor event. I’ve shied away from selling my paintings at these types of events, because I did a few when I designed invitations and stationery and they weren’t financially worth the time I put in to them.

I’m working with a different, reputable vendor to enable me to offer art prints for sale at reasonable price points. You can shop too at my website

The event is an interior design workshop my friend Interior Designer Erin Andrews of Indigo House Interiors is hosting. I was very flattered when she invited me to sell. I want to support her, as she is supporting me. I figured the size of the event makes it less scary.

I don’t have any expectations as far as profit. I’m really doing it as an experiment. I want to see what kind of reaction I get to my work. Are people more interested in prints or canvas originals? I also thought it would motivate me to look through my stuff and figure out what to sell and how to present it all. I’m looking forward to meeting the other vendors, who are creative friends of Erin’s that she has talked about.

Similar to teaching watercolor this past summer, this opportunity came to me, and I’m looking forward to the experience.

7 thoughts on “My First Vendor Event

    1. I mostly put the event out of mind except for when I was doing preparations. I did the same thing when I taught a week of watercolor seascape painting camp this past summer. I couldn’t really think about it or I would get so anxious. Also last night’s event was a small crowd and I had low expectations (a good parking spot). 😂 Once I was setup I was fine.

  1. At exhibitions and art fairs, I sometimes feel uncomfortable looking round each booth where there is nothing I can afford. I’ll always take a business card, buy a postcard or greetings card, take a sweet and chat to the artist, when I like their work though.

    1. That’s a good point. I feel that way in very small stores – that if I browse too long I should buy something. It’s very nice that you buy a card. It’s a good reminder to vendors that it’s good to have smaller items, for people who would like to support you but don’t want to buy a big ticket item.

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