Turning 50 and Setting Goals

Thanksgiving table activity I'm thankful for | kids adults
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A few years ago my friend was turning 50 and she made a list of life improvements and goals she wanted to reach/accomplish during her 50th year. It was a great list – a positive list – incorporate daily exercise, take a trip without the kids to visit a friend, and other things focused on herself. What has really impressed me is that years later she maintains many of the positive changes.

So now that I’m about to turn 50 – I should have a list, shouldn’t I? Of course I have a list of projects I’m working on and a list of other “future” ideas – I make lists every day, but nothing stands out as a life goal, or a “midlife” goal.

  • I suppose writing a book would have been on my list if I hadn’t, back in September, self published my book Creative Exploration: A Six Week Process for Introducing Regular Creativity into your Life. A guide to introducing creativity into your life.
  • Being a guest on a podcast would also have been on my list, mostly because I listen to so many of them, but I had the great pleasure recently of being interviewed by Nache Snow of the Studio 78 podcast. A podcast about creative women entrepreneurs and how they started their side hustle or business endeavor. FYI the episode will air December 1st.
  • I do want one day to attend Craftcation, the business and makers conference is California, but I’m a few years away from that. Trips in the near future will be college tours and family trips.

So what are my life goals? What are my plans for 50? What have I always wanted to achieve? Possibly I’m stumped for answers because: I’m blessed with a loving (and funny) husband, three smart, healthy kids, a comfortable home (not too far from the beach), a patchwork creative career that is bringing me a lot of fulfillment, and my regular creative practice of painting, drawing, and writing about creativity – which brings me so much joy. Maybe I’m good. Maybe I’m ready for 50 already.

Pilgrim coloring page fun Thanksgiving activity for kids
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Want to be creative on a regular basis and experience the joy that creativity brings? Explore mediums and subjects, in search of your thing? Learn about my new book Creative Exploration: A Six Week Process for Introducing Regular Creativity into your Life by clicking here. Creativity is for EVERYONE! Talent is just a starting point.

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