Creative Goals and the First Quarter of 2019

I decided it was a good time to see how on track I was with my creative goals for 2019. Ironically I couldn’t remember what my specific goals were. I had to look back to a post I wrote in December. Here’s what I wrote: My Creative Plans for 2019 Paint within a theme. 15-30Continue reading “Creative Goals and the First Quarter of 2019”

10 “How to” Posts on Painting, Graphic Design, Creativity and more!

It’s still amazing to me that I made a commitment to be creative, created this blog to hold myself accountable, have continued with it for over five years, and have published over 600 posts! This from someone who previously couldn’t finish a creative project. Here’s a round up of my best “How to” posts. HowContinue reading “10 “How to” Posts on Painting, Graphic Design, Creativity and more!”

Kick up your Creativity with Color!

Want to be creative but don’t know how/where to start? If you haven’t already, click here and start with these 3 steps! If you have started with the beginning 3 steps, then you’ve accomplished a lot! Your eyes are open to inspiration. You take photos and make lists of things to sketch. You’ve been sketching regularlyContinue reading “Kick up your Creativity with Color!”

Want to be Creative? Start here.

Want to be creative but don’t know how/where to start? Try these 3 steps! Open your eyes to inspiration – “stop and smell the roses.” Take off your blinders and notice things – The flowers on your walk, the fruit in the fridge, everyday objects. Ever look at how interesting the shape of scissors is?Continue reading “Want to be Creative? Start here.”

Creativity and Procrastination

I’ve been frustrated this summer about not finishing my creative projects. I have a bunch of ideas I want to pursue but can’t seem to get anywhere. I knew that one problem was the fact that I had so many things that I was dabbling in. You can’t move very far forward if you keepContinue reading “Creativity and Procrastination”

Creative Ritual and “Resistance”

I had some welcome free time this weekend and happily set up my acrylic paints outside. Now that I’m working with bigger canvases I know I need to set up my easel and get comfortable painting upright – but for now I’m still painting flat. As I set up my supplies, I thought about howContinue reading “Creative Ritual and “Resistance””

Twyla Tharp, “The Creative Habit,” and coming up with new ideas

I had the pleasure this week of hearing Twyla Tharp, dancer and choreographer, and author of the famous book, “The Creative Habit” speak at Hofstra University. Her book, which I already read, is on many “best books on creativity” lists. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to hear her speak. She was no nonsenseContinue reading “Twyla Tharp, “The Creative Habit,” and coming up with new ideas”

The Feelings of a Beginner

I realized this weekend how discouraging it can be to be a beginner. I worked on two very different projects for me. One was a paper diorama. The other was painting two canvases with acrylics. In both cases I was an unorganized mess. Materials all over. I had the wrong tools. I was literally uncomfortable.Continue reading “The Feelings of a Beginner”

Being “In” a Painting

Painting for an entire hour proved impossible this morning, as I had things to do. But a half hour is better than nothing. As I worked, I thought about how daily work keeps you “in” a painting. You’re engaged in the project, even thinking about it when you are away from it. Being “in” aContinue reading “Being “In” a Painting”

Painting – a schedule and a plan

All three of my kids leave for school early this year. I decided my new goal is to spend the extra hour in the morning painting. As soon as I set the goal I immediately questioned it. An hour? That’s a long time. Usually I work on paintings in short spurts, allow the watercolor toContinue reading “Painting – a schedule and a plan”