Pick a picture, pick a subject…

…and start drawing and painting. Sitting with my coffee this morning, I was beating myself up for not painting this week. But when I looked back on the week and all I did – work, back to school stuff including orientations, meetings, haircuts, doctors’ appointments, and birthday preparations – it makes sense. Okay I forgiveContinue reading “Pick a picture, pick a subject…”

Get back into a Creative Groove

After a busy week I was so excited to get back into a creative groove. But sometimes it isn’t so easy to dive right in. I may think about it, write in my notebook about it, but still I can’t seem to get going. Thankfully, I’ve learned steps to overcome this. How to get backContinue reading “Get back into a Creative Groove”

20 consecutive days of drawing and painting

My mom called to say, “You haven’t painted today.” Thanks for the reminder mom. Yesterday I didn’t feel like it but I grabbed my sketchbook anyway. I didn’t want to break my streak. I grabbed a magazine and inspired by the feathers on the cover, started drawing. One night this week I even got outContinue reading “20 consecutive days of drawing and painting”

Daily Creative Habits – Take 2

Day 1 again. With vacation and other busyness behind me, I’m trying to get back into the creative mode! Back to turning creativity into a habit (again). I played around on my iPad this morning. Later I pulled out my sketchbook. I wrote a new checklist to keep me on track. Creative Checklist: Daily sketchbook work WeeklyContinue reading “Daily Creative Habits – Take 2”

Back to Daily Creative Habits

For the past couple of weeks I’ve done minimal drawing and painting. Periods like this seem to be a pattern for me. I think about doing creative work all the time, but I put everything before it – even binge watching shows on Netflix. It’s not creative block. I have tons of ideas. I just can’tContinue reading “Back to Daily Creative Habits”

Does your astrological sign affect your creativity?

A few years ago I had a bit of an epiphany while painting. I noticed a pattern where on Day One of a project, I was excited and enthusiastic. But on Day Two I was reluctant to work on it, and a bit intimidated. I really had to push myself to continue. Once I got startedContinue reading “Does your astrological sign affect your creativity?”

Wreath with a polar bear

…or is it a polar bear with a wreath? 😂 Day 2 Christmas countdown. Here is the creative prompt list if you’d like to join in. All mediums are welcome! Use hashtag #adventmcr when posting. Marion is following along – see her day 2 drawing here.

30 Days of Food In Watercolor

Pomegranates – Day 30. Thank you to Charlie of World Watercolor Group for the food November prompts. I didn’t think about it when I started, but painting food everyday is out of my comfort zone. I would never have painted a turkey or a plate of mushrooms or leeks! But I was often happy with my results.Continue reading “30 Days of Food In Watercolor”

InkTober recap

Participating in InkTober was a great motivator. I got into the habit of working daily which was great. I didn’t follow the prompts but worked on what inspired me. I held off on adding Watercolor to my ink sketches, but towards the end I gave in. And purely by chance I got to meet theContinue reading “InkTober recap”

Paint Regularly

I’ve been missing watercolor lately. I’ve been busy doing other creative things: working in ink for InkTober, and playing around on the iPad with a stylus pen in Adobe Sketch and Adobe Draw. When I finally sat down with my paints the other day it wasn’t easy. But I’ve learned not to give up, and as I worked IContinue reading “Paint Regularly”