Routine and Regular Creativity

Watercolor travel palette | regular creativity
It’s important to be creative on a regular basis. It’s one of the reasons I’m looking forward to the start of the school year. There is more of a routine, which helps me stick to regular creativity. Once the kids leave for school, I sit and play in my sketchbook, work on a painting in progress, or whatever strikes me. It’s a no pressure time.

Lately I’ve been carving out time for creativity, even on our vacation –  a few minutes in the hotel while we get ready, or now a morning on the back deck of the condo. The water and pine trees out back is such a contrast to the beach, which is a short walk from the front door. It’s fun to use different colors than I use with seascape painting. My Koi watercolor travel palette is serving me well. The paints are very saturated. I can mix them to get the desired colors.

I was also inspired by the ironwork while we were in Charleston.
Secret garden watercolor illustration Ironwork door watercolor illustration

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