Logo Design Process

Logo Design Process
Recently, as I worked on a logo design for a local art studio, I thought about how my process is the same for every logo project, and has been the same for years.

  1. Client interview. One of the most important steps! Learn what the client is looking for, the image they want to portray, and if they have ideas of their own, color preferences, etc.
  2. Pencil sketches. I always start with a pencil and paper, and sketch out as many concepts as I can. I also try to explore the logo as different shapes.
  3. Font analysis. This is where I go through my font catalog, and find different font options that support my concepts and the “feel” we are going for. I view the company/client name in the different fonts, and narrow the choices down.
  4. Create/find artwork. I draw (on the computer) any artwork/illustrations that will be part of the logo. If you aren’t comfortable with illustration, look through stock image sites, for artwork you can incorporate into your designs. Vector files can easily be customized.
  5. Logo design in Illustrator. I work in Illustrator, to bring to life my pencil sketches. Often I’ll scan them, to use as a template for the designs. It’s important to create the logo as a vector file (for enlarging, etc.). A vector file can be rasterized (and saved as a jpg, etc.) but not the reverse.
  6. Explore several options. I like to develop several versions to present to the client. Often I step away from the process for a night, because I come back to it with fresh ideas.
  7. Present the best ideas to the client. Some people don’t like to present too many options, but I think clients like choices. It’s very subjective. The logo I think is the best, might not be the one they prefer.
  8. Client input. What the client thinks is the most important thing – if they want to change elements of the design(s), or even don’t like the first round of versions, it’s important to remember the logo is meant to be a representation of them. Often people have to see something to realize it works (or doesn’t).
  9. Present revised design(s) or new versions. After the client’s input, I make the appropriate revisions or, occasionally I have go back to the drawing board (step #2 or #5). Usually working with the client through 1 or 2 rounds of revisions, will bring us to:
  10. Approved design. My goal is a happy, satisfied client.

Want to see some of the logos I’ve designed? Visit my website: www.eileenmckenna.com.

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