Learning from Others

I love watercolor – how you can add more and more water, how easily it spreads on the paper. I occasionally paint with acrylics but find myself struggling with them. They don’t spread as easily and you can’t add too much water because it breaks down the paint. Last weekend I took an online acrylic class “AcrylicContinue reading “Learning from Others”

Time and learning new things during quarantine

I remember a saying when I was a kid, “You can be anything you set your mind to.” During self quarantine I’ve been thinking a lot about time. I think the saying really should be “You can be anything (or do anything) you set your TIME to.” As I pursue new things – some outContinue reading “Time and learning new things during quarantine”

Watercolor Ice Cream Cones Online Lesson

I miss teaching the kids at the art studio! We are all stuck home trying to stay motivated and creative. The positive in all of this is I’ve had time to develop a new watercolor lesson specifically for beginners with kids, and the young at heart, in mind – Watercolor Ice Cream Cones! In thisContinue reading “Watercolor Ice Cream Cones Online Lesson”

Why my watercolor skies aren’t “smooth” – the mystery solved!

For a while now I’ve been frustrated with my watercolor skies. If I don’t paint them lightly, they end up looking weird. It’s hard to describe but the paint looks funny – like a pattern of little blooms. Instead of smooth, they have a texture. I’ve wanted to seek help on this issue, but IContinue reading “Why my watercolor skies aren’t “smooth” – the mystery solved!”

How to create an interesting Watercolor Background

In a recent post, Watercolor Wisdom, I mentioned showing my watercolor teacher my first watercolor painting and her saying, “No, no, no, you’re drawing.” At the time, I was quite proud of my painting and didn’t understand what she meant. But as my familiarity with watercolor grew, I began to understand. She was telling meContinue reading “How to create an interesting Watercolor Background”

Explore! We’ve got nothing but time

In the second year of my blog and my creative resolution, I was so inspired! I wanted to try everything. So many of the things I saw online interested me – designing repeating patterns, block printing, etc. That second year, I set out to try it all. As I struggled with cutting my first linoleumContinue reading “Explore! We’ve got nothing but time”

Free Watercolor USA Flag & Fireworks

Sign up for my newsletter here and receive the high resolution Flag & Fireworks clipart jpg image in your inbox. It’s great for blogs, social media, scrapbooking, creating invites and more! My newsletter goes out every two weeks and is a collection of all the things inspiring me: artists and makers places crafts and allContinue reading “Free Watercolor USA Flag & Fireworks”

Several paintings at once takes the pressure off

I always have a few paintings in progress at once. With watercolor it’s about having to wait for the layers to dry. With acrylics it’s convenient to have a few going on, when you have the paint mixed up and ready. Having more than one, takes the pressure off one particular painting. During my drawingContinue reading “Several paintings at once takes the pressure off”