Summer Reflections

Summer started early for us. Without sporting events to attend, we were on the beach in June as soon as the weather allowed.

In July, I was busy teaching – acrylic painting classes, watercolor workshops and mixed media camp weeks. I love teaching the kids at the art studio, helping build their creative confidence. I also taught an adult watercolor workshop at my local library. It is so satisfying teaching adult beginners, many who think they aren’t creative. It’s my goal to convince them otherwise. I was so happy to hear the women say how relaxing painting was.

During most of August I was traveling – helping two of my kids move into new housing (in two different states). Just like college visits, this one on one time is priceless!

Last week we went to a family reunion on Harrisburg Lake in upstate NY. As a born and bred beach girl, spending time on a lake is such a novelty! I loved this peaceful lake – no motor boats, just canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards. Harrisburg Lake is such a beautiful spot. Lots of inspiration for painting!

Like a squirrel storing nuts for winter, I take tons of photos over the summer to paint from. Speaking of squirrels – have you met Sidney? Sidney is the squirrel I’ve been painting recently for author Lolisa Monroe – learn more here.

I love the beach and am usually a little sad for the sun to set on summer…

but Fall is a great season too! The crisp weather, Fall holidays and activities, new routines…

Looking for a head start on Fall? Browse 14 Creative Fall Projects here.

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