Spring Sketchbook Share

I don’t know about you but this Covid winter has been long! Creativity keeps me positive but it doesn’t help with the isolation. I was exploring new creative ideas and I remembered reading about two people sending a sketchbook back and forth to one another. I decided, I want to do that!

Spring Sketchbook Share - join in!

Originally my sketchbook share idea involved reconnecting with a friend, but I started reminiscing about pen pals. That got me thinking. It is also nice to get to know someone new!

My idea has grown to include YOU! But I need your help!

Please do me the favor of answering a few short questions to help me create a “Spring Sketchbook Share” that you would want to participate in. I would appreciate it so much!

“Spring Sketchbook Share” program

  • Connects you with a creativity partner
  • Option to invite a friend to be your partner
  • All skill levels welcome
  • Each time you receive the sketchbook you ~
    * Start a page and
    * Finish a page
    This ensures that each page is a collaboration between the creative partners.
  • Partners mail the sketchbook back and forth to one another. (U.S. residents only for right now.)
  • Participation in Spring Sketchbook Share entitles you to three months in the “Spring Sketchbook Share” Facebook group.

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Spring Sketchbook Share with Eileen

Each creativity pair receives:

  • One sketchbook
  • Two sets of my favorite pens. (One for each partner.)
  • Ideas List to help inspire you in the creation of your sketchbook pages:
    * Theme ideas
    * Suggested mediums to use
  • Two envelopes of extra “bits and bobs” for some added flair! (One for each partner.)
    I can’t wait to put together these packets!


  • Weekly Facebook videos
  • Instruction in different mediums
  • Demonstrations on creating pages within themes.
  • All participants will have the ability (and will be encouraged) to share their sketchbook pages with photos and video.
  • Four month membership in the Facebook Group
  • Milestones will be awarded with entry into giveaways! Milestones will include partners completing 6 pages, etc.

The “Spring Sketchbook Share” is all about:
* creativity,
* connection +
* community!

I need your help!

Please click here TO answer the following questions about the “Spring Sketchbook Share.”

  • What do you like about the idea?
  • What do you dislike about the idea?
  • How could we improve upon it?
  • Would you like to be assigned a random partner or would you like to invite your own partner?
  • Are you interested? There is no commitment at this time.

Thank you so much for your feedback!

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The “Spring Sketchbook Share” is all about:
* creativity,
* connection +
* community!

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