Play and have fun with this easy idea…

Play and doodle step 1 - Eileen McKennna

Last week, I participated in a virtual art workshop. A small piece of canvas was supplied to participants prior to the workshop. I taped my canvas square to a piece of paper, so I could paint to the edges without getting paint all over. After the workshop was over and I removed my canvas square, I had areas of acrylic paint on the edges of my paper. Over the next few days, I mindlessly doodled on these patches of paint. It was so fun!

In fact, it was so enjoyable, I purposely made more patches of acrylic paint to doodle on! Art shouldn’t always be about the final piece. The creative process and the fun of exploration are just as important.

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Yesterday, when I pulled out my new patches of paint to doodle on – I was so excited! The bright colors were so inspiring.

When you have a chance – Play. Try my acrylic doodling idea or doodle on a newspaper, catalog, or scrap paper. Just have fun and play. 

Play and doodle step 2 - Eileen McKennna

You don’t need any specific materials to play – grab what you have on hand. But if you want to know what I used:

Happy Playing!

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