Experimenting with Watercolor Mandalas

Recently in my newsletter, I featured the work of block printer Marta Harvey. (My newsletter is a collection of all the things inspiring me – artists, mediums, places, and more. Sign up here.) As I sat looking at a blank page in my sketchbook I thought about Marta and how she creates a sliver ofContinue reading “Experimenting with Watercolor Mandalas”

Everything is coming up roses!

I am having such a good time, turning my sketchbook illustrations into various digital downloads for my Etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/EileenMcKennaArt. My shop offers: Invitation borders and backgrounds Clipart Digital prints like family trees Printable watercolor painting tutorials Logos With each season and holiday, I’m inspired to paint and draw new things and I can’t wait toContinue reading “Everything is coming up roses!”

Creative Freedom

Over 10 years ago I took a drawing class that reintroduced art to my life. The class was a mix of new people and regulars who took the class every semester. Soon I became a “regular” too. Us regulars worked somewhat independently, but also loosely followed the class assignments. It was a great experience. AfterContinue reading “Creative Freedom”

Looking forward to a Creative 2019

Since making my creative resolution on the eve of 2014 – I’ve been blogging and creating art on a regular basis for five years! I love being creative and miss it when I let life get in the way. I’m always happy when I make room for it again. It’s exciting to look forward to 2019Continue reading “Looking forward to a Creative 2019”

Interview with Yuko Miki of Honeyberry Studios on becoming a Full Time Artist

I am so excited to share with you this interview with Yuko Miki, the Artist and Illustrator behind Honeyberry Studios. Back in 2014, shortly after starting my blog, I began following (and admiring) Yuko’s daily “Happiness is” illustrations. In 2015, Yuko shared online that she was quitting her job and pursuing her art full time. SinceContinue reading “Interview with Yuko Miki of Honeyberry Studios on becoming a Full Time Artist”

My Creative Year in Review 2018

Before I get carried away with ideas for 2019, it’s important and helpful for me to look back on 2018, to see what I accomplished, what worked, and what didn’t. The guiding words I selected for 2018 were: paint, teach, share, and connect. Paint Creating is the point of everything. It’s what brings me happiness,Continue reading “My Creative Year in Review 2018”

InkTober … so far

InkTober has begun. Here’s today’s sketch inspired by a beautiful front porch design by Ginny of @maplecreekmarket. Here’s a recent sketch of montauk daisies. Want a dose of creative inspiration? Sign up for my newsletter “My Creative Collection” by clicking here. Learn more here. Click here to view my collection of watercolor and acrylic seascapes.

50 Ideas for What to Draw or Paint

Sign up for my newsletter here and receive “50 Ideas for What to Draw or Paint” in your inbox. It’s great for getting your creative juices flowing! My newsletter goes out every two weeks and is a collection of all the things inspiring me: artists and makers places crafts and all different art mediums tutorials podcastsContinue reading “50 Ideas for What to Draw or Paint”

Kick up your Creativity with Color!

Want to be creative but don’t know how/where to start? If you haven’t already, click here and start with these 3 steps! If you have started with the beginning 3 steps, then you’ve accomplished a lot! Your eyes are open to inspiration. You take photos and make lists of things to sketch. You’ve been sketching regularlyContinue reading “Kick up your Creativity with Color!”

Creativity and Procrastination

I’ve been frustrated this summer about not finishing my creative projects. I have a bunch of ideas I want to pursue but can’t seem to get anywhere. I knew that one problem was the fact that I had so many things that I was dabbling in. You can’t move very far forward if you keepContinue reading “Creativity and Procrastination”