Modern Calligraphy

I took a modern calligraphy workshop over the weekend. I’ve been interested in hand lettering for a while now. A few years ago I took an online lettering class where I used a brush marker – a Tombow, which is a flexible marker that can produce thin lines as well as thick lines when youContinue reading “Modern Calligraphy”

Practice, practice, practice…

Last week I participated in an online hand-lettering workshop. Impatient person that I am, I quickly realized that this craft takes a lot of practice! Today I sat down to write a Gaelic phrase, “Erin Go Bragh,” which means, “Ireland Forever.” (It’s March, I can’t help but celebrate my Irish roots.) I wanted to write theContinue reading “Practice, practice, practice…”

So excited! (Calligraphy Workshop)

Today I started an online Calligraphy workshop. I really like it. One of the supplies for the workshop is a Tombow brush pen. I have smaller Tombows, but this pen is awesome! This is exactly what I was looking for – hand lettering with a brush (not a nib and ink). The pen makes it almost easy.Continue reading “So excited! (Calligraphy Workshop)”

I’m thankful I finished this project!

I finally got around to finishing this. I started it back in the summer, when I painted the background for two signs. One sign became my “beach lover” sign, which I finished over a month ago. For this sign, I wasn’t sure what to do with it, what words to paint on it – Fall harvest? WithContinue reading “I’m thankful I finished this project!”

Beach Lover Wooden Sign

I bought a piece of wood and had it cut into pieces at the hardware store. Using acrylic paints – teal and white – I added streaks of both and blended them, to get achieve a beachy, sun bleached look. I set up the lettering on the computer and outlined it. Last time around IContinue reading “Beach Lover Wooden Sign”

Practicing Painting Lettering

I’ve been practicing! The other day I copied an alphabet from a book (2x). Today I wrote “hello” many times! It’s interesting what you learn by doing, especially when you keep repeating something. Here’s what I’ve learned: Too much coffee makes my hand and my letters shaky Light touch – thin line, more pressure – thicker line. IContinue reading “Practicing Painting Lettering”

Thank you to all my followers!

Last week I decided to try my hand at lettering. I love the look of painted words in a watercolor. I kept painting “thank you.” I think I was hopefully anticipating one more follower which would bring me to 100. A goal I couldn’t even fathom when I started. Since last week, several new followers have pushedContinue reading “Thank you to all my followers!”