Learning from Others

I love watercolor – how you can add more and more water, how easily it spreads on the paper. I occasionally paint with acrylics but find myself struggling with them. They don’t spread as easily and you can’t add too much water because it breaks down the paint. Last weekend I took an online acrylic class “AcrylicContinue reading “Learning from Others”

Soaking up Inspiration

It’s hard to know what I enjoy more, a visit to the beach or time spent painting. Recently I did both in the same day. Obviously it was a good day. The beach visit was an early morning one with my husband and coffee. Love those. The painting session – which took place at homeContinue reading “Soaking up Inspiration”

More Confidence with Acrylics on Canvas

I’m back to painting with acrylics on canvas (instead of my usual watercolor). It was last May that I bought a stack of small canvases and painted seascapes on them – learning with each set. Since then, I’ve dabbled here and there with acrylics. This time around, I feel more confident and freer. I wasContinue reading “More Confidence with Acrylics on Canvas”

Practice makes Progress

Above my most recent acrylic seascape. When I was younger and had less confidence in my artistic abilities I was hung up on talent. Nowadays I think of talent as just a starting point. It is almost irrelevant because if you work at drawing or painting, or whatever medium suits you, you will get better.Continue reading “Practice makes Progress”

Acrylic Seascape Details

I brought this painting back to life today. Here’s how it looked this morning. 👇 I was going for a simpler look, but it was falling flat. Adding details, using a reference photo made all the difference. Details I added: Clouds in the sky – I used an acrylic gel medium to thin out theContinue reading “Acrylic Seascape Details”

Learning Acrylics

In May I switched from painting in watercolor to painting acrylic seascapes. I painted ten 12” x 12” canvases – intent on getting comfortable with the different medium. It was so frustrating in the beginning, but with each painting I learned something. I’ve pulled out the acrylics again – this time with bigger canvases, andContinue reading “Learning Acrylics”

Confidence in painting

The other morning I sat down to paint in an effort to turn my bad mood around. As I was painting, and not feeling great about myself, I was thinking how much confidence plays a part in painting. When you are feeling good, you are hopeful about the outcome of a painting as you work.Continue reading “Confidence in painting”

Know your Subject

I often think about an online class I took by Val Webb called “Drawing Children.” At the time, I was amazed at how well Val knows the nuances of the faces and figures of children. Now as I paint the ocean – almost exclusively, mostly in watercolor, but recently in acrylics – I think aboutContinue reading “Know your Subject”

Comfortable with Acrylics

Starting this third set of canvases was the first time I felt comfortable – instead of frustrated – with acrylic painting. I was working on my first layer, blending all my colors on the canvas, and I had that feeling that I usually have with watercolor. It’s a happy, satisfied feeling, that what you areContinue reading “Comfortable with Acrylics”

The second set of Acrylic Seascapes

With 10 sets of 12” square canvases to complete this month, I have many paintings in various stages. For these 2, the second set of my acrylic canvas challenge, I wanted to add more lights and darks within the green of the wave. (See before below). I’m learning that with acrylics, it is better toContinue reading “The second set of Acrylic Seascapes”