Making the Transition from Watercolor to Acrylic – Week 1

Final acrylic work for week 1. I’m happy with the results and learned a lot this week as I try painting in acrylic after working for so long in watercolor. Admittedly, the first day in my acrylic challenge was frustrating. I’m so used to working in watercolor where: A little paint goes a long wayContinue reading “Making the Transition from Watercolor to Acrylic – Week 1”

May Acrylic Canvas Project

I’m so excited about my May project! After painting watercolor seascapes for over a year, I’m adding acrylic and canvas to my routine. I’ve purchased 10 canvases and plan on completing them by the end of the month. I’ve painted in acrylics on and off over the years, but never enough to feel completely comfortable.Continue reading “May Acrylic Canvas Project”