Painting Daily during the Holiday Season

It’s been over a week that I’m back to daily drawing and painting. I even have a reminder that pops up on my phone, “Did you draw today?” It’s amazing how you can sit down to paint, without a thought of what you’ll paint, and ideas will start to come to you. Of course usingContinue reading “Painting Daily during the Holiday Season”

Back to Daily Creativity

I had forgotten how good it feels to just sit and paint, no real thought about the outcome. Feeling free to explore ideas that come to me. It’s almost meditative. I was busy with other creative projects and frankly let procrastination get in the way. But now I’m committed to creating daily. I’ve enjoyed paintingContinue reading “Back to Daily Creativity”

Christmas Countdown Day 12/25 – Mistletoe

Paint/draw along with me! Have you seen my nutcracker pin? Click here to purchase a Nutcracker pin ($9.00 + shipping) through Paypal. Want a dose of creative inspiration? Sign up for my newsletter “My Creative Collection” by clicking here. Learn more here. Have you visited my online shop? Prints of my seascapes are available on watercolor paperContinue reading “Christmas Countdown Day 12/25 – Mistletoe”

Christmas Countdown 9/25 – Reindeer

Last year my reindeer illustration was based on a photo I took of a plastic reindeer lawn decoration. It was less than inspiring. A few weeks ago Sartenada, a photo blogger, commented on last year’s reindeer post and included a link to the awesome photos he took of a reindeer race in Finland. Needless toContinue reading “Christmas Countdown 9/25 – Reindeer”

Creative Christmas countdown 2017

Last year I had a lot of fun drawing and painting every day to countdown until Christmas. I even uploaded some of my illustrations as ornament designs. See them all at I’ve decided to challenge myself again this year. The prompts are the same – it will be interesting to see how the sameContinue reading “Creative Christmas countdown 2017”

Christmas Stockings

Day 5 in the Christmas countdown. We actually don’t hang our stockings on the mantle. Before we had a fireplace, we hung them on the banister. The first year with the new fireplace I was so excited to hang them from the mantle. The stocking holders were very heavy and when one of the kids – theyContinue reading “Christmas Stockings”