Christmas Countdown 9/25 – Reindeer

Christmas Countdown 9/25 - Reindeer #reindeer
Last year my reindeer illustration was based on a photo I took of a plastic reindeer lawn decoration. It was less than inspiring. A few weeks ago Sartenada, a photo blogger, commented on last year’s reindeer post and included a link to the awesome photos he took of a reindeer race in Finland. Needless to say, a beautiful reference photo makes a huge difference! Thank you Sartenada!

I even added lights to my illustration. The Reindeer with Holiday Lights is available as an Art Print on Society6.
Reindeer with Holiday Lights Art Print

If you really need to see last year’s plastic reindeer illustration here it is. 😂

Creative prompts for Christmas countdown #Christmas #creative #advent

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown 9/25 – Reindeer

  1. I returned here again. I looked at Your Calendar again and saw for example sleight and snow. Because Finland is Winter Wonderland, I hope that You can get some ideas from my post once more:

    Arctic Circle in winter.

    Arctic Circle is one of our favorite place in Finland where we love to visit from time to time.

    This post is is newer from the Arctic Circle:

    Roosevelt log Cabin.

    There are snow and sleighs in this post.

    Winter fun in Oulu:

    Winter fun for children.

    What about art inside of the World’s Biggest Snow Castle. Here is my collection from many years:

    Best Snow Castle photos.

    Enjoy my winter / snow / ice photos and use freely my ideas if You find something interesting.
    Have a good day! Matti

      1. Thank You. In these posts, I gave to You an idea about see reindeer sleighs, because horse sleighs are common and reindeer sleighs are not elsewhere. There are beautiful sleighs while children rides in them. 🙂

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