My Creative Year(s) in Review

At the end of each year I try to reflect on my intentions for the year versus the reality. This exercise is important for me especially because I’m the type to reach a goal and then turn around and create new ones, without really recognizing my accomplishment. As I finish the sixth year of MyContinue reading “My Creative Year(s) in Review”

My Creative Year in Review 2018

Before I get carried away with ideas for 2019, it’s important and helpful for me to look back on 2018, to see what I accomplished, what worked, and what didn’t. The guiding words I selected for 2018 were: paint, teach, share, and connect. Paint Creating is the point of everything. It’s what brings me happiness,Continue reading “My Creative Year in Review 2018”

My Creative Year in Review 2017

I am excited to look back on 2017 and equally excited to plan for 2018! This year has been a great one for me in terms of growth as an artist. I have continued in areas I’m interested in and explored new ones. Here are the details. Painting the ocean in watercolor – I startedContinue reading “My Creative Year in Review 2017”