Sewing project with my own fabric design

I’m not much of a sewer, but I’m excited to try and make something with the pattern I designed. Seeing a pattern as a fabric is much different than seeing it on the computer monitor. You start to think about what you can make with it. If I printed this pattern again, I’d make the pattern much smaller, so it could be used as a band of detail on a bag, or something like that. At this size, I’m thinking of making a pillow or even a pillowcase. Any sewers out there? Any ideas?

I’m excited to have the sewing machine set up in my studio. My daughter has to show me how to use it. I’d love it if she would take the reins and start sewing tons of cute things with fabric I design. We’d be a great team. She seems to have other plans for the summer. Ah teenagers! 🙂

BTW – I didn’t win the “Sandcastles” contest. I still feel a sense of accomplishment – I finally uploaded a design and ordered fabric with my own pattern. I’ve wanted to do that for years!

16 thoughts on “Sewing project with my own fabric design

  1. love it! How about a beach bag for your art supplies? Is this your first fabric pattern? I have been really interested in trying this. Yours turned out great!

  2. Wow it looks great, I didn’t even know you could order fabric like that! I agree a bag would be good.

  3. Aahh, I wondered where you had the fabric made, Spoonflower. I thought it may have been at Zazzle. It’s turned out well and, I guess, depending on the nature of the fabric, how hardy it is or how fragile it is, you could use it for cushion cover, make an apron, a small table cover for your child (if they are still in the nursery). Cheers…

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