It all comes down to you

We went to an indoor rock climbing place for my son’s birthday. I knew he wanted us all to climb and I was fine with that. I’d done it years ago, so I thought it would be no problem. I was all harnessed up, at the bottom of the first wall, when I realized thisContinue reading “It all comes down to you”

Finishing your creative projects is important

It’s such a good feeling to finish a creative project and motivation for the next one! I used to be awful about following through on my creative ideas. I would start a project excited about my idea and as soon as things got hard or weren’t easily working out like I envisioned I’d give up.Continue reading “Finishing your creative projects is important”

Too Many Creative Ideas? Here’s How to Gain Focus.

As creatives we usually have no shortage of ideas. This is definitely true for me. I never have artist’s block. What I experience is feeling overwhelmed by ideas and not being able to pick a focus and direction. Gain focus with my Creative Ideas planning worksheet – Download it in my Etsy shop here. BeforeContinue reading “Too Many Creative Ideas? Here’s How to Gain Focus.”

Birthday Books

I picked out these creative books for my birthday and they are proving to be great sources of inspiration! Danielle Krysa’s book “A Big Important Art Book: Now with Women!” I love how the book is divided into art themes and features living artists (so Danielle could ask them lots of questions), as well asContinue reading “Birthday Books”

Map Making – the100dayproject – the first week

I am so glad I decided to commit to #the100dayproject and decided on the theme of illustrated maps. My decision was a bit spur of the moment, but I’m having so much fun. Since I usually paint for at least 15 minutes every morning, it hasn’t been hard to work on the elements for myContinue reading “Map Making – the100dayproject – the first week”

Anniversary Map – the100dayproject

Last month I created a map of our important landmarks – our first apt., the church where we got married, the reception, favorite beaches, pizza, where the kids were born. I’ve always aspired to create illustrated maps so for #the100dayproject I am going to work on creating map illustrations. I’m so hesitant to say I’mContinue reading “Anniversary Map – the100dayproject”

Unique Gift Ideas for Mom and Grandma

It can be so hard to shop for Mom and Grandma. You want to give them something special, but they don’t want anything. Here are some creative ideas to make it easier. Personalized bracelet. I ordered this bracelet for my mom from Belinda Carmichael on Etsy. It has all of our initials on it. SheContinue reading “Unique Gift Ideas for Mom and Grandma”

Creative Goals and the First Quarter of 2019

I decided it was a good time to see how on track I was with my creative goals for 2019. Ironically I couldn’t remember what my specific goals were. I had to look back to a post I wrote in December. Here’s what I wrote: My Creative Plans for 2019 Paint within a theme. 15-30Continue reading “Creative Goals and the First Quarter of 2019”

Inspiration for painting flowers in watercolor

I don’t always have an idea or inspiration when I sit down to paint. Once I’m there at the table it’s rare I spend more than a minute or two coming up with an idea. I usually start with doodles in my sketchbook and then move on to paintings that are in progress. I’m inContinue reading “Inspiration for painting flowers in watercolor”

Need Creative Inspiration?

Every two weeks I share in my newsletter all the things inspiring me – artists/makers, different mediums, tutorials, places, books, TV, and more. My hope is to inspire you! Sign up for the newsletter here. Read the latest issues here. The latest issue featured collage envelopes by Lydia of Inkdrop43212. Read more here. Sign upContinue reading “Need Creative Inspiration?”