Finding creative inspiration during self quarantine

These days I can’t blame lack of time for a lack of painting. Being stuck at home, I’ve got nothing but time. What I am struggling with is what to paint. Sometimes it seems easier to go on my iPad than to figure out an idea. Coincidentally my son asked me the other day, “DoContinue reading “Finding creative inspiration during self quarantine”

Need Creative Inspiration?

Every two weeks I share in my newsletter all the things inspiring me – artists/makers, different mediums, tutorials, places, books, TV, and more. My hope is to inspire you! Sign up for the newsletter here. Read the latest issues here. The latest issue featured collage envelopes by Lydia of Inkdrop43212. Read more here. Sign upContinue reading “Need Creative Inspiration?”

Starting Can be the Hardest Part

I can write all about the benefits of creating every day, but there are some days where I’m busy, or sick, or just don’t feel like it. So what to do then? If I really don’t have a second, or I am sick like last week, I put in extra time the next day. UsuallyContinue reading “Starting Can be the Hardest Part”

2016 – My creative year in review

As this year wraps up, what I’m most proud of is not a particular painting or illustration but that after some ups and downs, I’m finishing the year strong. I completed daily challenges in October (InkTober), November (World Watercolor Group’s food prompts), and December (my own Christmas countdown). Oh and I’m also proud of my Nutcracker pin!Continue reading “2016 – My creative year in review”

I Recall Central Park in Fall

Flipping through a magazine looking for something to draw, I came across a couple strolling with their dog. I drew them, added a tree, and had to pull out my watercolors and add some leaves. That illustration reminded me of walking with my husband through Central Park in New York City. Having just watched “FerrisContinue reading “I Recall Central Park in Fall”

A new painting on an old watercolor wash

This morning I came across a couple of one color washes I painted a couple of years ago. The watercolor washes were backgrounds for a product photo shoot for a client’s Etsy page. I decided I would reuse the washes. I thought it would be interesting to use one as the background of a painting. I selected the yellowContinue reading “A new painting on an old watercolor wash”

The change of seasons and inspiration

It’s a funny time of year. School has started so summer feels over. When I look around the house for something to draw, I see the shells we’ve collected. Every year I say I’ll continue creating in the beach theme after summer ends, but it loses its appeal. I get inspired by the changing leaves,Continue reading “The change of seasons and inspiration”

A Pop of Color

I love a pop of color. I have a turquoise table in my family room, a bright green handbag. I’m certainly not a pioneer in this. Walking around the mall recently, I noticed color everywhere! It is Spring after all. The other day, my friend Lisa took me to Charming Charlie, a store I’d neverContinue reading “A Pop of Color”

Time to Paint

It feels really good to have time to paint and draw after vacation (and the time before it – shopping, prepping, and packing). I spent time Sunday starting several paintings. For me, it’s the starting that’s hard, once I have a painting “in the works” it’s easy to pull it out and work on it (unless I let tooContinue reading “Time to Paint”